Late Round QB Possibilities

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Sasquatch, Apr 27, 2006.

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    There's been a lot of speculation around here about a possible Romo trade so I decided to research potential developmental QB prospects. Any thoughts on the following prospects?

    Tavaris Jackson, Alabama State

    Justin Holland, Colorado State

    DJ Shockley, Georgia
  2. stasheroo

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    Drew Olson - UCLA


    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Don't really know much about Jackson.

    Justin Holland is a guy who has a fair arm, IMO. He is not overly big, overly fast or mentally tough IMO. Upside is very limited IMO. If he's lucky, he might turn into a career back up. Not better then what we currently have on the roster IMO.

    Shockley is a Quincy Carter type IMO. He has some natural ability but he would need a great deal of work. I think he's more mentally tough but he would be the same kind of project IMO.

    I kinda like Gradowski and Meyer. I also like Drew Olsen.
  4. dbair1967

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    no thanks...none of them are better, or project better than whats already here

  5. like a dog

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    Ingle Martin is a guy who impressed a lot of people at the combine. He was a big time recruit coming into Florida, but transfered after losing the job. Supposedly he has an even bigger arm then Cutler.
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    Yep yep. Ingle Martin has great mechanics, a strong arm, and is very smart. He lost out in a numbers game and transferred out to Furman.

    David Harrell - Pokes

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