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    - Maryland defensive end Shawne Merriman has decided to enter the NFL Draft. Looks for the talented edge rusher to shoot up draft boards over the coming months.

    - Louisville running back Eric Shelton will also throw his name into the NFL Draft. The bruiser could find himself selected in the mid second - mid third rounds.

    - Despite wanting to return to school, we're being told Virginia outside linebacker Daryl Blackstock may not have the grades to do so. Forcing him into the draft.

    - Miami (Fl) wide receiver Roscoe Parrish is seriously considering leaving school early.

    - Right now it looks like the Washington Redskins are keying in at the wide receiver position with their first round pick.


    - Georgia safety Thomas Davis has made up his mind and will enter the draft.

    - Georgia linebacker Odell Thurman is in the final stages of officially declaring for the draft.

    - Another Georgia player, offensive guard Max Jean-Gilles is reportedly deciding between two agents and should be declaring soon.

    - Florida linebacker Channing Crowder may be following teammate Ciatrick Fason to the NFL.

    - Top underclassmen D'Brickshaw Ferguson and Daryl Blackstock have told us that they plan on returning to Virginia for their senior seasons.

    - Bad news for Virginia has tight end Heath Miller and linebacker Ahmad Brooks leaving early.

    - Two of the nation's top defensive ends, Mathias Kiwanuka and Justin Tuck are undecided at this time. Both would be considered first round prospects.

    - After speaking with one scout this morning, his AFC team feels Ronnie Brown has jumped over Carnell Williams as the #2 back in the draft. His team still likes Cedric Benson as the top back, and a top five player.

    - One NFC scout told me today that he feels like this is the weakest offensive line class in the past 5 years, and that even though his team needs an offensive tackle early, it will have to wait until the 2nd or 3rd rounds.

    - What's the latest on USC wide receiver Mike Williams? Williams has been working out twice daily and is reportedly running a low 4.5. If so, Williams will be a top 10 player.

    - California quarterback Aaron Rodgers has made up his mind and will enter the NFL draft. Rodgers should battle Matt Leinart to be the #1 overall pick.

    - Louisiana Tech running back Ryan Moats will also enter the NFL draft. Moats will likely be selected somewhere from the late second round to the early fourth round.

    - Sources report that Clemson cornerback Justin Miller has decided to enter the draft. Miller would jump into the mix to be the first cornerback picked.

    - Boston College cornerback Will Blackmon will return to school for his senior year.

    - One scout I spoke to told me that he had some real concerns about LSU's Marcus Spears. Stating that "While he's a good fit as a 3-4 end, I don't see where he really fits in a 4-3. He's slower than you'd like at end and not as physical as you'd like at tackle."

    - The same scout went on to say "The guy I really like is Anttaj Hawthorne (from Wisconsin). He's steady, he's reliable and he's talented. He's the kind of guy you need to win championships."

    - A teammate of his told me that he thinks cornerback Kelly Jennings really wants to leave Miami for the NFL, but the depth of the cornerback class is one of the major things keeping him in school.


    - We're being told that Nebraska junior cornerback Fabian Washington will enter the NFL draft.

    - Several sources are reporting that USC junior quarterback Matt Leinart has backtracked on his previous comments stating he would return to school (as we reportedly previously) and he will in fact enter the draft where he becomes the favorite to be selected #1 overall by the 49ers.

    - If there's any good news to be found from Leinart leaving, this does mean that Tom Malone will return to school.

    - Utah's Alex Smith is very close to announcing his intent to enter the draft.

    - Arizona State junior wide receiver Derek Hagen has also backed off of his earlier comments stating that we would definitely return to school. He's now seriously considering the jump.

    - I've been told by a source close to the Bowling Green program that there's still a chance that Omar Jacobs will leave school for the NFL draft.

    - According to a number of scouts, one of the hottest names right now is Hampton wide receiver Jerome Mathis, he's seen his stock rise from being a likely later round pick to being a potential late day 1 pick.

    - It's looking more and more like USC's Lofa Tatupu will indeed enter the draft this year.
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    Hawthorne heart, inconsistent....that scout must work for the Cowboys.
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    Skins drafting a WR makes a lot of sense to me. Same thing with the Bears. Don't know if Chicago will trade down or not before doing so.

    Basically, Edwards and Williams look like logical picks for those two teams. If Dallas is exceptionally enamored with either, they will likely have to trade up. Of course if a guy like Jerry Porter is signed by one of those franchises, things could change.
  4. Cajuncowboy

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    I will vomit if Mike Williams goes to the Skins. HE should be wearing the Star!!
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    I think the Bears are a lock to take a WR so it sucks to hear that the skins want one too. I was really hoping that we'd get a crack at one of them. Ofcourse the combine and plain old time seems to change everything you hear initially anyway.
    Taking it on face value for now the good news about this info is that including the 2 WRs, it looks like 2 QBs and 2 RBs are gone before are pick so that is 6 out of 10 slots all for the offense, plus someone will take an O-lineman, which pushes all the top defensive talent down to us.
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    Also, isn't the WR Gardener of the Skins a FA this year as well?

    I think BP will go defense anyway.

    Now, if Leinart comes out, it pushes yet another good player into our laps.
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    If the Skins was a big, slow, lumbering WR they might as well stick with Gardner.

    I want Justin Tuck to declare... and I want him wearing a star.

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