Laufenberg and Broaddus disagree on the best option at center

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Feb 15, 2013.

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    I have only analyzed him at OC in week 11. I need to find time to analyze his 2nd game at OC (week 12).

    In week 11 he was actually very impressive. Knowing exactly when the ball would be snapped seemed to really help him.

    I have not reviewed him at RG in every game; however, I have reviewed most of them and he was not good. His biggest issue is being a tick late off the snap. When this happens, he is out of position and just can't recover. He has good physical strength and quickness. His issues were mostly about technique and not getting into position off the snap.
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    Ogletree is not a failure. He is an undrafted free agent who made the team four seasons and turned himself into a sub par third receiver. On a better team he's a decent fourth or fifth receiver for one contract and then you find a replacement. For a guy you didn't spend a pick on, that's a success.
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    I would as well, but the scouts haven't really had success with judging O-Line talent. So advantage Laufenberg.

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    @xwalker: Just a minor correction - it is actually Ryan Cook, not Kyle.
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    Two things. In 2011, Costa progressed very well over the season and in the last six games of the year he looked really good. Then you sit and watch every single play that Costa played, in preseason and regular season, in 2012 and you see a guy that looked dominant -- not just good, but dominant. It's a small sample size, of course. But it's what we have to go on, and you can't watch those games and plays and not think this guy isn't a good player.
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    I'm with Broddus. I mean, I'd rather just not have Bernie or Costa on the team but I think finding 3 new o-linemen in 1 offseason is a stretch.

    If I were GM I'd try to get a new RG and RT and let Costa and Bernie fight it out for center in training camp - loser gets cut. I could see Bernie finding his niche at center, or at least being better than Costa, and if the new RG and RT are upgrades we might have a decent enough line to take us places. The Ravens took a bad line, shook it up, and came out as champions; sometimes it just works.
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    One possibility to consider would be to do the following:

    Play Bernadeau at Center since he does better when able to get off with the snap. Then you have Killer who looked very good as a rookie from a small school before losing all of last year from an ankle injury.

    Play Costa at Guard since he seems to do way better when he doesn't have to snap the ball. In particular, Couchscout used to talk about how much trouble Costa had with snapping the ball and then moving laterally to make a block. Some may argue Costa is too small to play Guard but he is very strong and seemed to have no problem moving P. Solilai from Miami around in 2011 which should argue against concerns about his ability to go 1-on-1 against big DTs.

    Then perhaps next year's OL could look something like this:

    Smith Costa Bernadeau/Kowalski Livings/rookie Parnell/vet FA

    On the bench you have Kowalski/Bernadeau, Leary, Weems and another rookie.

    In the end you should try and get your five best guys out there. I do still think we need a higher ceiling interior player and hope to get that guy in the first (in a trade down preferably) or in the second round and put him in competition.
  8. Blue Eyed Devil

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    Can we please stop the "Kowalski looked good as a rookie" meme? The guy played 1.5 games as a rookie and gave up 2 sacks. That's not good.
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    Temperament and commitment shape your ability.
  10. Macnalty

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    I like the idea, you know as well as I do that back issue is not going to magically disappear and placing him in a position we can substitute easily is the smartest thing the boys could do with existing personnel.
    I still like Barrett Jones in the draft and he would add to three positions at a very high talent level and also elevate the player next to him. Would it be great if next year we can just moan about something besides the Oline and safety position.
  11. Rack Bauer

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    Glad you aren't in charge.

    It's sad when I'd rather Jerry Jones make a decision over you.
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    none so blind that will not see
  13. burmafrd

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    really sad that you are correct about O line. Still have to go with Broaddus if only slightly here
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    I think the stat is wrong.
  15. Jersey

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    You can defend Costa all you want. Wow, to argue he grade slightly higher than future pro-bowlers Cook & Bernie.
    I feel better now.
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    I thought so also. He played the entire first game against the Jets and the last half of the last game against the Giants. I know he played more then that inbetween those games.
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    Threads like these make it very easy to see who puts the time in to rewatch each individual player on each play and understands what they see and mouthbreathers who spout off to hear themselves without a shred of insight.
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    in other words any one that disagrees with you is a mouthbreather
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    No. I disagree with a couple of the few quality posters here on occasion but they make substantial effort to base their arguments on researched and pondered thought.

    Others have 35K+ posts here and not a one of them worth a cup of warm spit. I hope you realize some people's troll-like one-liners are one of the reasons behind the exodus of a great many quality posters.
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    and who considers YOU a quality poster?

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