Laufenberg and Broaddus disagree on the best option at center

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    Braudus never said he doesn't like Costa. What he said was is that he's leery of any C with a back injury. That's the only reason he thinks Bernadeau might be the better option at C.
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    Source: Bob Sturm -
    "LG/C/RG - Kevin Kowalski - 82 pass plays - 2 sacks: Kowalski was thrown into duty on a number of occasions because of in-game injuries to the interior. He did a reasonable job until week 17 when he had to replace Kyle Kosier at RG and was tossed about like a rag doll on a few occasions, giving up a ask to Osi Umenyiora on a stunt to the inside and then Justin Tuck threw him on his way to getting to Romo to end the Cowboys season. He will need to improve his strength and anchor to survive."

    The O-line played 641 pass plays in 2011. Kowalski's 2 sacks in 82 plays put him on pace for 15.6 sacks a season.
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    1,813 Likes Received little more than a wind bag. And he's got that sarcastic laugh he uses whenever he's really trying to drive home some point that usually is obvious and not original or is so off the to be comical.

    He tries to act like he is in the know with his topics but he's just expressing his opinoins in most cases and not real fact.

    Never liked him as a QB and he always was jealous of Aikman and others such as Danny White who had more talent and pedigree.

    As a reporter..he's just another former jock that wants to be taken as an authority in a sport they never really excelled in.

    What else is new..?

    :starspin RedBaLL ExPreSS:starspin
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    I consider Stanley a quality poster.
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    that pretty much proves my point
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    IIRC, he has never thought that much of Costa and it wasn't due to injuries only.
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    Costa looked good when he came back but he was out for a couple of months with the back problem and I never liked their wording about no substantial damage as that is not the same as normal and the correlation between MRI and ongoing back issues isn't as good as one would think. The big issue is that discs are avascular structures and thus don't heal well once injured. The pain settles down at first with some dehydration but that leaves the disc weakened and often prone to repetitive failure when put under stress such as playing Centre in the NFL. The move also eliminates Costa's biggest weakness which was snapping the ball and moving as he was not a natural Center. I believe he has adequate strength and good agility to play Guard.

    For that reason I would suggest letting him compete at Guard so the team isn't so beholden to him at Center until he proves his back is healthy. It allows us to keep another Center on the roster so we can't get caught so easily with our pants down at that position again. We still have a competition with Bernadeau, Kowalski and Arkin at Center plus a potential draftee. At Guard we have Costa, Livings and Leary right now in this scenario and need to add some more depth here to compete going forward. I do not wantDockery to be on the roster next year. It is amazing that we managed to win a game with Dockery out there.
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    Ogletree's largest issue was he can't help you on special teams.

    He is a smallish straight-line speed guy. So he has a small route-tree but enticing speed that really can only play on the outside. And then can really struggle with press because of strength issues.

    Harris is a poor, poor mans Wes Welker. He is probably better in a slot than outside. Has great strength after catches and is built like a RB in the lower body. Lacks top end speed. Good quickness and acceleration. Can get off press with his strength.

    Harris is a better player. He was drafted higher and viewed more favorably by scouts.
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    It makes zero sense for us as fans to try and judge anything about Costa's injury status. He hasn't been beaten up for years or anything we can truly evaluate. The team knows far more than we will ever know about Costa's health.

    If he is damaged goods the team will know it and act accordingly. It would be foolish for them to say so until after the draft.
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    Please tell me the best option for center isn't on the roster....YET.
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    the back thing is very bad since a bad back is about the worst injury a lineman can have. All that bending and twisting.

    What tipped some off to the real problem was how long it was after the MRI before he was allowed to play again. That showed it was not a muscle strain
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    I would rather argue the team and medical experts are overconfident about his recovery on the basis of their analysis of the situation instead of relying on the information about the natural history of the condition.

    Costa may be fine or he may be not. We need to have available contingencies. Those contingencies are easier to plan for if we have Costa as an intended OG Who can sub in at Center than if we have him labelled as the starting Center and don't search out other candidates for the position.

    I also think Costa is likely going to be able to handle the duties of Guard better than Center with his back condition. There is definitely a fair bit of extra strain from having to quickly snap the ball and then get in position to block than just having to come up off of the snap.

    BTW, the thing about over-confidence about medical experts is well-known and has been well established. It is not isolated to doctors but actually tends to be found in most experts. There is a saying in the medical field - "Expert opinion is often incorrect but rarely in doubt"
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    I consider Stan and Fuzz good posters - you, not so much. You're predictable and the definition of an average Joe fan.
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    The road to the Super Bowl is up the middle. Where were most of out injuries...Center, Guard, 1-tech DT(Ratliff, Coleman, and Brent), Inside LBs, and Safeties. Let Mack/Costa loser leave town, you got Cook as a serviceable back-up, and draft the most versatile G/T combo O-linemen. Grab the best DT available, with no. 18. If no Spence, then DE first since more options at DT later in the draft (Williams from Mo-Southern) Bring back Peprah to stop gap for Church, and wait for June 1 cuts. Just an idea.

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    Many of us here want to address the oline in a big time way. And the dline!

    The fat guys need some love too! ;)
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    I'm nervous about the back injury too. Having dealt with plenty of clients with back injuries, they're just so could be a one-time thing that just needed time to heal, or it could hamper him the rest of his career (Aikman admittedly was never the same after his back injury in '94 or so).

    That's an interesting thought that with a back issue that may or may not be chronic, they might want to look at Costa at guard. The center battle in camp should be an interesting one (assuming that no one else is brought in). Three candidates with question marks - Costa and his back, Kowalski who had an injury-induced redshirt year, and Bernadeau who has limited experience at center. There's reason to be hopeful about each one, and reason to be nervous about each one.
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    It just looks like it is much harder on the back than the other OL positions with the player flexed at the hips but then needs to be a bit extended in the lumbar spine to see and one arm extended in front of them. I think it is much easier to play OG where many of them get to set up in a 2-point stance on passing downs.

    I think people have a misperception that Costa is weak and/or slow and thus needs to play Center. He is probably one of the strongest players on the team. His main deficiency is arm length and he is no more penalized for this at Guard than at Center. Couchscout used to go on and on about Costa having difficulty with snapping the ball and then moving laterally, probably because he is not a natural Center. Despite all the concerns about his size, he tossed Paul Solilai around quite a bit on Thanksgiving in 2011. The area where he struggled a bit was on LB blitzes up the middle and he'd probably actually face that less at OG than he does at Center so that would mitigate his other weakness to some extent. I think at Guard he'd be great at man blocking and he'd do better on stretch plays without having to snap the ball and his quickness would now show up better at getting out on LBs. I think he has mostly been played at Center because we didn't have another in house candidate when the FO decided Gurode's knees were shot in 2011.

    So I think if we like Costa he'll likely be a better player at Guard and probably less likely to get injured. We probably should think heavily about whether we have the future Center on the roster between Kowalski who played Center very well in 2011 (when Costa was injured) but was gone all last year with a bad ankle injury or Bernadeau who looked pretty good over 2 games last year when Cook couldn't play.

    I think our best bet is to draft BPA after a trade-down in the first round to pick up an extra second. The goal would then be to get an OG, DT and Safety in the first two rounds. I'd also accept a trade-down into the top of the second with a weak team in exchange for a future first rounder in 2014 and look to fill those 3 positions with our first 3 picks.
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    I'm in the group that thinks Costa could be very good...but I do have concerns about the back. He has to prove he can stay healthy, although he never had back concerns in the past.

    One thing I notice about scouts is that they look at a player and they see measureables....good feet, good hips, great leverage, etc....and they project that the player should equal the sum of the parts. What they sometimes miss is just watching the player in action. Ogletree is case in point....everyone says he runs good routes, yet when you watch him in a game, he just doesn't seem to be where he should be.

    Scouts miss too...all the time. Biggest reason is you can't measure the player's heart and determination.

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