Lawrence could star for Cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by waving monkey, Jun 24, 2014.

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    Nearly a decade after selecting DeMarcus Ware out of Troy with the No. 11 overall pick of the 2005 NFL draft, Jerry Jones and his Cowboys are hopeful that a new edge rusher with a similar name, frame and game can take over the reins.

    It isn't fair to compare Lawrence (or any rookie, for that matter) to a future Hall of Famer like Ware, the Cowboys' all-time leader in QB sacks (117) and forced fumbles (32). Given that Lawrence is tasked with supplying the edge rush for a squad that finished dead last in Total Defense a year ago, the odds certainly seem stacked against him.

    Lawrence does possess the combination of athleticism, technique and grit to make an immediate impact, however, validating Dallas' aggressive trade with division rival Washington to move up 13 spots to nab him with the second pick of Round Two

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    Super bowl! I called it first!
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    We will hold you to that....:)
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    I'm excited to see Lawrence in this defense. Kid could be something special. Think I may have to get a custom jersey before he breaks out :D
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    You don't wanna borrow my original Ekuban? :D
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    Good to hear....also love that first bullet about how few teams can boast the trio of young OL like the Cowboys. Did you ever think you would hear the day that was said? :)
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    It is a great foundation for any team but especially for a team with a vet QB with talented weapons on the outside/backfield. It is also very encouraging that when the team needs to draft Romo's replacement, they will have the luxury of having that youth/talent @ the position to make that transition that much smoother. They should all remain Cowboys for the majority of their productive years if the team wishes to keep the group together (injury/level of play withstanding).
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    I keep hearing the defense was the worst in the league in Total Defense and we were close to that. I've seen a lot of fancy stats but we were near the bottom period. We were 26th in points. How we managed that giving up about 410 yds a game is astounding IMO.

    I still think we'll finish somewhere around 20 give or take 4-5 positions. It's crowded in the middle any way so TOs make a huge difference in how a team finishes in stats.
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    If Lawrence turns out to be a player, the best part will be that the Redskins helped us draft him:)
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    If this defense can improve even to a 20th ranked or so and in just 2 games protect a lead. They will go from 8-8 to 10-6 that easily, with all else being equal.
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    Also need to see how Trent Murphy does with them, and who was the other player they picked? Can't remember.
    But yes, would be great knowing after the fact, we got the better deal.
  12. DoctorChicken

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    Ha ha... the look on little Danny's face.

  13. dmq

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    I liked how the article used the word Savvy to describe D Lawrence's game. That's a word I would use to describe it also. He plays with his head up.
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    2nd rounder "might" be a starter?!? Smdh...
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    I guess I'm glad this routine snarky comment got posted first. Get it over with. Tiring.
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    G Spencer Long that they supposedly are going to move to center. They had him at RG in camp.
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    Yes, turnovers play a big role.
    Really the fact that our offense had so few turnovers most likely explained at least part of why the defense was 31 or 32 in total defense but "only" 26th in scoring D.
  19. Proximo

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    The takeaways can mask a lot and even make up for other deffeciencies. If our defense can be middle of the road in points/yards allowed, and maintain a high number of takeaways we'll be in a good spot. I want to say off the top of my head we were in the top quarter, maybe top 5, in the league in takeaways last year. That means a whooooole lot. We had quite a few defensive TD's as well.
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    I would say that Give Away/Take Away is more key. If we can do well with that ratio, that's going to improve us greatly.
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