Lawsuit accuses Steven Seagal of ruining movies

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 9, 2005.

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    Associated Press

    LOS ANGELES — Steven Seagal has been sued for $14 million for allegedly delaying production on two movies.

    Seagal showed up late and left early while shooting Today You Die and Mercenary, routinely rewrote and changed scripts on the set, and brought an entourage that interfered with film crews, alleged a lawsuit filed Monday in Superior Court by Kill Master Productions and its sales agent, Nu Image.

    The 54-year-old actor is best known for his martial-arts moves in films such as Under Siege and Exit Wounds.

    A message left with Gerry Harrington, who has served as Seagal's manager, wasn't immediately returned Wednesday night.

    In one instance, Seagal allegedly arrived 45 minutes late while filming Today You Die and left the location 3 1/2 hours early.

    Because of his actions, planned scenes were never shot, leaving the movie with a "material and irreparable problem with story logic," according to the lawsuit, which also seeks unspecified damages.
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    Well those may have been legal reasons that he ruined movies, but his acting is what I would charge him with...
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    If that truely were an actual crime, he'd be dead man walking.
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    "Today you die"...........sounds like a corny movie
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    lmao zorg. the only movie i cared for that he was in was Under Siege. i just don't care for his snide, tough guy, looking for a fight attitude. Chuck Norris let the fight come to him in his movies, seagal looked for a fight as soon as he walks in the room, or the bar, or whatever.
  7. junk

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    What kind of loser hangs out in Steven Seagal's entourage?
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    Lane, i also liked under siege, but i am not really a steven siegal fan. What was that chuck Norris film where he was captured and the one dude had a chicken for a pet.
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    C'mon, that's not fair... the guy's actually a good actor; his emotional expressions run the gamut from A to A...

    Actually, no matter the situation, to me he always looks like he has a bad case of gas...
  10. lane

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    not sure hoov, maybe Braddock missing in action?
    my fave chuck movie is Lone Wolf Mcquade

    great showdown between him and carradine

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