Twitter: LB Justin Durant out 3-4 weeks too

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 11, 2013.

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    If the good Pryor shows up, don't count on it. That Oakland team can be feisty on occasion.
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    Hahahahah I neededa good laugh.
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    I love Lee's play when he's healthy.

    But he's not able to stay healthy.

    He's missed parts of seasons going back to college.

    You can't build a defense relying on this sort of player

    Just got to be said.

    The same can be said of Demarcus Ware, Miles Austin and DeMarco Murray.

    These guys have been great at times..but as foundations for this franchise at their positions.

    but they are not capable anymore of playing 16 games at a top level.

    So we need to replace them.

    Kills me to say it but the obvious needs to be said.
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    i understand what you're saying here and to a certain degree i'm in agreement with you...

    however....i have to look at what the actual injury history is of the players we're talking about b/c i think the "injury prone" or "can't stay healthy" title is being overused.

    to me the two guys we have right now who fit that category are Miles and Demarco, simply b/c they keep getting those nagging injuries that just seem to happen to them with regularity. i consider injury prone to be when the same kind of injury continues to occur every year (Miles' hamstrings, Demarco's various sprains)....they don't seem to be flukey injuries.

    Ware is hard to classify for me right now. you could call his stingers that type of injury but he's always still played and produced with those. it's well documented how this year is the first time he's ever missed a game. now granted the end of last year he had so many different injuries going on he was not the same (though teams still paid extra attention to him) and even this year we could tell he was not healthy last night but he was determined to go out there and play. what's scary is he was still our most consistent pass rush last night even playing on 1 leg.

    back to the original injury discussion though being Lee. he is different than all these guys IMO b/c he's not suffering those nagging injuries that keep cropping up. his injuries the past few seasons have all been in that "wrong place, wrong time" category. he had the broken wrist a couple years ago that was due to that perfect situation hit on the helmet, and he kept playing the year with that. then last year was that toe injury where the guy had to fall on it just the right way to cause that. and the only reason he didn't play was he was told he could permanently screw up his toe if he didn't get surgery. now last night on that tackle the way his leg bent i'm not sure if there is any NFL player that doesn't get injured on that play. it's not like he hurt the hammy sprinting to make a tackle it was just a horrible bad luck play.

    does he have an injury history? yes and it's unfortunate....but i can't classify him in the same category as the guys who every time they get on the field you wait to see when in the middle of open grass they clutch at a muscle.

    bottom line is yeah it sucks but i'm not going to get rid of the guy b/c he gets these flukey injuries. he's always gotten these injuries in the middle of making a play. would you rather have someone who isn't in position to make plays just b/c he won't be hurt?

    sorry for the long rant and i'm not calling you out i just don't like classifying all these players the same.

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