League emphasizing Officials physical conditioning

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 18, 2014.

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    This is actually a really good idea. In the same way that it's a lot easier for players to stay sharp and know their assignments if they aren't trying to catch their breath constantly, you'd think that better conditioning could result in a few less gaffes.
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    I totally agree. It won't stop all of them but they may be more energized and not make as many mistakes.
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    Yes, they can run down field faster only not to call the PI penalties....LOL...J/K
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    Why aren't there some women in officiating? They too dumb and weak to throw a flag? I don't think so, and their participation in athletics warrants at least opportunities to come up through the ranks.
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    I think a lot has to do with Women are minorities in sports compared to Men, It's just something not many take interest in. I mean just look at the LPGA, WNBA, and other women only leagues, they're no where near as popular.
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    Heck, I thought there was some legislation against gender bias in the employment arena...as I recall, it had something to do with equal opportunities and wage levels.
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    They need to check their eyesight while they are at it.
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    It's hard to put conditioning requirements on a level anywhere close to officiating professional athletes on people that are approaching or have already exceeded the age of 60 years old.

    I have noticed that they have indeed trotted some younger guys out there over the last few years, but how conditioned can they expect the majority of the officials in the NFL to be when they are approaching, if not exceeded, retirement age?

    It was really bad in the 90's if I recall. It seemed like they stopped by the retirement home to pick up the officials before each game back then.
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    2014 could mark debut of first NFL full-time, female referee


    The NFL might not be that far away from having its first full-time female official on the field. And when -- not if -- it happens, look to 2014 as the year and look to Sarah Thomas as the zebra breaking ground.

    Thomas, 39, became the first female to ever officiate an NCAA football game in 2007 -- as well as a bowl game, when she was the line judge for the 2009 Little Caesar's Bowl -- and after spending a few days in the league's official developmental program, she's on track to become the first female to officiate an NFL game.

    The league told the Associated Press that Thomas is "in our pipeline" and 2014 looks like a reasonable target year for Thomas to make her full-time debut.

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    Great share, Speed...right on target. Thanks.

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