Leftwich's thumb hurts : OT

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by dmq, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. dmq

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    I thought all the talk was how great he was looking this offseason. I guess it was all hype.

    Leftwich's thumb hurts
    Quarterback confirms pain exists in his passing hand, but plans to play.
    The Times-Union

    Jaguars quarterback Byron Leftwich confirmed Monday that he is experiencing continued pain in the thumb of his passing hand.
    Leftwich, though, insisted he would not let the pain in his right thumb limit him when the Jaguars open the regular season Sunday at the Buffalo Bills.

    Asked Monday if his thumb was feeling better, Leftwich said: "It will be.''

    Leftwich injured his thumb when he hit it on a defender's helmet in the Jaguars' preseason victory over Tampa Bay two weeks ago.

    The pain appeared to affect Leftwich's throws in the final two exhibition games, and he admitted after last Thursday's preseason finale at New England that the injury to his hand was a factor.

    With Leftwich in the game, the starting offense produced no touchdowns in 18 preseason series, including no points in three possessions against New England's backups. Leftwich finished the exhibition schedule with a 57.6 rating.

    Leftwich also said he has been bothered by a cold in recent days but expressed confidence going into his first NFL regular-season opener as a starter.

    Leftwich also shrugged off calls by fans to bench him in favor of David Garrard or Quinn Gray after he struggled in the preseason.

    "Hopefully, the fans will listen when I tell them there's no need to worry,'' Leftwich said. "Evidently, they're not [happy, based on the uproar]. But there's nothing you can do about that. I can only worry about the things I can control.

    "I'm a fan of the game, too, so I understand how the fans think.''
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    why do we care about Leftwich?

    just my opinion, but I think in two years he'll be the best QB in the league
  3. Rack Bauer

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    No kidding.

    So I guess if Henson ever gets hurt, everything he's done or that we think he CAN do will just be hype, huh? Cuz it can't just be like that for players on other teams.

  4. Chocolate Lab

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    Actually he's been having a strangely disappointing preseason, and there was even some talk there that David Garrard was outplaying him. Leftwich was blowing it off, but supposedly some team officials have been a little concerned. Maybe the thumb injury is the reason for his struggles?
  5. dmq

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    I am talking about hype from the NFL network. I had watched a few interviews with Jaguar players on Total Access. They mentioned how he looks much better this year. So, it was suprising to me that he hadn't had a scoring drive this year. Maybe they are talking more about in practice. I'm not bashing Leftwich. I think if he can remain healthy, he will be a great QB. I just don't think he will remain healthy. He is too slow in the pocket, which will lead to him taking some big hits.
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    I think Leftwich is a subject on this board given the degree he's been overhyped here the past 18 months.
  7. dmq

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    Plus the fact that many around here were very upset that we didn't draft him.

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