Legislature to force Texas-Texas A&M rivalry?

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by joseephuss, Jan 29, 2013.

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    At one time wasn't there a Florida law requiring the big schools(Miami, FSU, UF) to play each other? Or maybe it is still on the books.


    Legislature to force Texas-Texas A&M rivalry?

    They say football is a religion in Texas. It's also politics, too, as evidenced by a recent bill in the state legislature that would require the University of Texas and Texas A&M to play every year in football.

    State representative Ryan Guillen, a Democrat from Rio Grande City and Texas A&M alum, introduced the bill Monday night, according to report on The Dallas Morning News' website.

    The bill states that "The intercollegiate football teams of The University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University shall annually play a non-conference, regular-season football game against one another."

    The bill goes on to stipulate that if either university refuses to play the game, then that school cannot offer football scholarships funded with state money.

    Texas and Texas A&M did play each other since 1894, but the rivalry was halted in 2012 when A&M left the Big 12 Conference to join the Southeastern Conference.

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    I read this earlier. I'm not surprised at this. There have been similar things done in the past.
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    I hope they do it, playing A&M on thanksgiving week has always been an endearing memory to me, I remember Ricky breaking the record on them when I was little, good times!
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    Politicians should stay the heck out of sports legislation.
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    Yeah... I'm as annoyed as anyone that Austin wussed out of the series, but this isn't government business.

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    I think this is a bit over the top but you entitled to your own opinion.
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    I believe it was A&M that left the conference. they are the ones who were jealous of Texas and wanted to be completely out from under the enormous shadow from Austin. Texas owned the series. They bookended the series. They left the Aggies all butthurt.

    Now the Aggies are in the SEC and doing well. The Longhorns are on a down swing right now.

    Do I missed the series, yes. Do I understand Texas' stance on ending it, yes. Do I care that the Aggies left all butthurt, no.
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    Fairweather Aggie fan. Just because the Horns aren't that good right now and Johnny Football won the Heisman, so the Ags would probably rip off about 3 or 4 straight against UT.

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