Lemme Pull A Dark Cloud Over All the Sunshine here....

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Badattitude, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. Mkyle

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    Quincy Carter is gone! LIVE WITH IT!

    I know who you are...and you know who I am!! And you call yourself a Cowboy fan! :chainsaw:

    Some peoples kids! :banghead:
  2. blindzebra

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    Badattitude pushes away from his keyboard and laughs, as the irrate posts mount up.
  3. RedLine

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    Hey, good idea, he cannot seem to understand the words, maybe the pictures will help!
  4. diehard2294

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    What's to debate, he may be right on some points but who's to say things will pan out this way. You can spin it from a positive standpoint and who says that will pan out either. He is a pessamist(sp) and if it pans out his way he will be able to pat himself on the back (yawn)
  5. kartr

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    Bledsoe was the best option we had, no he wasn't. You know darn well who was.
  6. AtlCB

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    Do you just make this stuff up???? Burress had 3 receptions for 48 yards and a TD against Dallas. These are not exactly dominating stats!

    Burress also had 3 receptions for 37 yards and a TD in the AFC Championship Game.
  7. kartr

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    Why? Wasn't there a thread about how would you game plan for the Cowboys if you were a Defensive Coordinator? Virtually everone here came up with easy answers and they were good answers at that, yet you attack a guy that says the same thing without sugar-coating it. Makes no sense. No sense at all. Fans on other boards criticize their coaching staff if they don't buy their plan. So it's perfectly natural for some Cowboys' fans to do it to. It's called objectivity.
  8. Badattitude

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    What I have done here is stepped back,waited, and watched the immature children stamp their puppies b/c someone is not overwhelmingly confident about the upcoming season as they.

    Curses, pictures, obscene comments etc...

    None of you go back as far as I do w/ the Cowboys, most likely. There are people on this board who know me, and know my posting style. If you were with me on draft day on this board, you'd know I was ecstatic, leading the Happy parade.

    I make a few comments, that people can't comprehend or can't spill their kool aid over, and I must be a Thiesman loving Skins fan.

    Some of you, not all of you, are sad and simpleminded.

    Thanx for playing.
  9. BigDFan5

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    Bledsoe WAS the best option. Who was best in your opinion? You know damn well Quicy cant stay clean long enough to play a season. He couldnt even make it thru the Jets year without hitting rehab
  10. kartr

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    I agree with everything you said except for Bledsoe. I think he's the weakest link. I think everyone will look at the game plan we had for him in 2003 and will use it against him. Parcells is a good coach, but not a wizard. Magic is what it would take to make Bledsoe into what he was and I don't believe in magic.
    Parcells says that you are what your record says you are. Bledsoe's career winning percentage is .503 or 500 and that translates into a 8-8 qb and that's not where we want go.
  11. StevenOtero

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  12. Dawgs0916

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    Wow and that idiot got exactly what he wanted......he got 4 pages worth of response from everyone trying to prove him wrong, when simple ignoring the ludicrous post he first posted would have worked so much better.....
  13. kartr

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    None of us really knows how things will turn out. We could have a good season after all, but the odds don't look that way. I just wish Bill was more pessimistic and wouldn't believe his own hype so much, then maybe he'd think things thru a little better.
  14. fortdick

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    Ya know, I might just flag this to a moderator.
  15. dougonthebench

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    are you a Cowboys fan?you sound like an Eagirls or Deadskins fan.
  16. kartr

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    I don't make any thing up, I dont have to because I saw Newman get badly beaten by both Ward and Burress.They even asked Ward about Newman after the game and he said he'd like to go against Newman anytime. Did it ever occur to you that the reason Burress' numbers weren't better because he had a rookie qb and not a veteran. Tommy Maddox forgosh sakes ripped us apart in a preseason game. Neither Newman or Edwards could come close to covering Burress.
  17. RedLine

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    Hmm, how much brain power does it take to post a bunch of negative nonsense just to try to make people nuts? I am no expert, but I would say not much. Trolls exert very little energy into there inflammatory posts.

    The funny part is, just because you got the reaction you had hoped for, you are somehow feeling superior in a Lex Luthor kind of way. “I have tricked you all into playing my silly game!” (insert evil laugh).

    I will admit I am bored as hell waiting for the season to start. Thanks for spicing things up a bit.
  18. Little Jr

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    Well I dont agree with anything you said. However, # 7 I semi agree with. I dont think Henson is the furure QB of the Cowboys. Just not impress with him.

    You can also give Zimmer credit for having the #1 D in 2003.
  19. kartr

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    That's ridiculous. Quincy was eligible to play 16 games for us in 2003 and 16 games in 2004 and he's eligible to play 16 games in 2005. He's only failed one drug test and that was in Feb. or March of 2003 as far as the NFL is concerned.
  20. Mkyle

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    Like that's going to do any good!

    He has his opinions...and he really did nothing to warrent a Mod interference, well, except to you...

    I know these guys, both karter and badattitude...they are a tag team...disgruntled Quincy Carter fans! That's all they are!

    They lost the Carter Chronicles...and they cannot live it down...it's that simple! Can you say LOSERS?

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