Lemme Pull A Dark Cloud Over All the Sunshine here....

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Badattitude, Jul 27, 2005.

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    Ya'll know whats funny. I know this is a message board and everything, BUT this is one guy's opinion he knew exactly what would happen when he posted this, he waited until mostly everybody was drinking the 2005 winning season cool-aide, and made this thread he knew what would happen and he is sitting back and enjoying this. Why are we pulling ourselves down to his level and responding to his OPINION, if the man thinks this fine, who cares lets let it go to the archives and when the end of the season comes back when go back and see if he was wrong or right, why sit here and give him the pleasure of knowing he's making his angry, mad, annoyed w/e you get when all you gotta do is not click. come on guys, let's raise aboe this poster and move on, TC is around the corner and we have better things to talk about then this nonsense. People lets move on. please
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    LOL!!! This coming from someone who feeds Nors.

    Practice watch you preach!!
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    Edwards wasn't playing for us last year and burress wasn't near as dominant as you say. If it wasn't for big bens brilliance (on that particular play) than burress would have no td and under 40 yards. Yeah, newman wasn't close to covering him.:lmao2: You're funny.
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    have a funny feeling that the reason why so many people are responding to this post is because they fear some of the points made are true.
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    I'm in, bro! I know these guys...and I know their MO!

    I KNOW EXACTELY WHO THEY ARE! LOSERS! Just like their main man, the dope smoking QC!

    They are going to try and make the whole Cowboy nation miserable, because Carter got kicked to the curb...right where he belongs!

    I'm done...
  6. Tio

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    No, its because they are both trolls who have a history of downing on the team. BAd Attitude does it to get reactions, and kartr is busy pining over the durgged out and turnover prone quincy.
  7. Badattitude

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    BINGO!!! :cool:
  8. Chuck 54

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    wow !!!

    Some of the koolaide drinkers on this site give me a hard time because I do still see problems with this team and inadequacies in some of the players they think are budding stars. I also still see problems with our very old and stubborn coach, though I absolutely love everything about our draft and FA acquisitions this year. I think his actual coaching job last year, including the way he dealt with players, fell far short of "genius" and "HOF."

    However, I prefer to consider it realism, not negativity...you, on the other hand, are way way way over the top to the point of insanity.

    I don't question Zimmer's ability...on the other hand I wonder how he got as good a results as he did in the past with the pathetic talent that was the Cowboys...an undersized and under talented DL, overrated LB's who were not playmakers or run stuffers, and a secondary with no FS and no RCB. Some claim Zimm ruins players or holds them back...I'll believe that when any of our former #1 picks like Carver, Pittman, Ellis, Ekuban, etc make the pro bowl playing for another team. Zimm is not the problem...lousy players were the problem, and that is gradually being addressed in a responsible manner.

    I still believe those predicting 11-4 or 10-6 this season are insane because we still have plenty of problems on both sides of the ball that a plethora of rookies is not going to fix, not this year anyway. However, we are a better team...we do have better talent, and only a total collapse will prevent us from attaining at least an 8-8 record, imo, with a bright future on the horizon.

    Some of your comments are ridiculous...Bledsoe is not star in this league, but he IS an upgrade over Vinnie. Henson, even if he never becomes a starter, has cost us very little as developmental QB's go. Dumping on coaches who simply complement Parcells philosophy is silly. Our right side is improved on offense by Rivera and by Vollers entering the year as starter over Tucker, not to mention better depth. The LB's are bigger, if not better...only time will tell.

    Last year, most people not wearing rose colored glasses knew we were going to stink because Vinnie is no longer a QB who can be counted on for 16 games...he gradually got worse all year. The way things began with the Carter fiasco, brought on my himself, was certainly an omen, and the fact that we never addressed the RCB spot in the offseason was a joke.

    There is great reason for fans to be upbeat this season, though they need to be realistically hopeful.
  9. dargonking999

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    Whether if they are or not, they are entiled to there own thoughts and opinons and though we may disagree with them, it is silly of us and shows are inabilty to control our emotions to step down to there level and respond they way i have seen some respond.(not all) he got 50 reponse to his post in under an hour that to me is ridculous for such a ridiculous post, we all need to just move on, as i said before with TC right around the corner we have much better things to talk about than, well you get the point.
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    First off Quicy sucks, you really should get over your crush

    Second it was reported it was his second failed test

    third where was cokey while the Jets were in the playoffs?
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    Good post. I haven't watched enough of Bledsoe to make an educated response.

    My only real concern with Bledsoe does not lie in Bledsoe himself, but in Parcells. I hope if Bledsoe is floundering around a 500 kind of year, he gets yanked in favor of Henson. I'd rather do 500 with Henson getting the reps than Bledsoe.

    But all told, I think we'll be above 500. Especially if we get off to a good start in San Diego. A quick win does wonders for rookies. My guess is 9-7 or maybe even 10-6.

    Bring this thread back up in late December. I'll eat crow without any remorse if I'm wrong.

    Here's hoping that I don't. :D
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    Well, maybe it won't, but I can try. I haven't been here that long, and if nothing comes of it, probably won't be.

    But I would like to know the boundries. In this instance, I think the flaming was personal and not in fun. Most people can take "playing the dozens" without getting obscene and personal. Evidently, these two clowns can't.

    We will see what comes of it.
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    And miss seeing the cheerleaders, I think not! :rolleyes:
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    Hi my name is badattitude

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    Something had better come of it.
  16. fortdick

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    Where is the retainer for the braces?
  17. BigDFan5

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    his retainer is in his pocket :)
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    Oh, okay, I thought he was just happy to be a skins fan!
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