Len Pasquarelli's Tip Sheet: Small-school corners again intriguing options, plus more

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    The various college all-star games in recent weeks included cornerbacks from such far-flung places as Cal-Poly (Asa Jackson), Louisiana-Lafayette (Dwight Bentley), Furman (Ryan Steed), Presbyterian (Justin Bethel), Albion (Chris Greenwood), North Alabama by way of Florida (Janoris Jenkins) and a few others. For the most part, the challenge of displaying one's abilities against players from the bigger "football" schools, and in front of a crowd of NFL scouts, didn't dramatically affect the performances of any of the smaller-program coverage players.

    Five decades ago, in large part because of the passing background of the schools and their conferences, the old AFL in particular unearthed solid corners at small schools. Now all teams scout those schools -- even with the decline in influence of historically black colleges and universities -- for cornerback prospects, it seems.

    "For whatever reason," said New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese, "those schools tend to fall between the cracks. It's not because we don't scout them, because we do. But those schools and the cornerback position ... they don't get as much attention. But teams know those places and, by the end of the (evaluation) process, they know the players, too. Hey, everyone is looking for corners."
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    Here are the names of five prospects whose play forced me to re-evaluate where we've been ranking them...

    QB Brock Osweiler, Arizona State: I was disappointed to see Osweiler leave after his junior season as he remains a raw prospect. However, he possesses a strong, accurate arm and much better athleticism than most would reasonably expect given his huge frame (6-7, 240). There has been so much talk about which quarterback is likely to follow up Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin. For my money, that player has been (and remains) Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill. But in the race to follow Tannehill, Osweiler has the physical skill-set to lead ahead of next group, including Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden and Michigan State's Kirk Cousins, the two most impressive quarterbacks at the Senior Bowl.

    He's my pet cat this year, when it comes to QBs. I always pick at least one every year, not necessarily for the Cowboys, but just to follow up my initial judgement call on them. Last year I had 2 ( Jake Locker and Christian Ponder ). The previous year was Mike Kafka. There's one in college right now who I think will be a top pick if he's developed properly ( USC's Max Wittek ).

    I predict that if Osweiler puts on a show at the combines, and/or follows it up with a strong pro-workout day, he'll be the 3rd QB taken in the draft after Luck and RGIII, perhaps as early as Seattle or his home state of Arizona.
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    Considering Jenkins a "small-school corner" is a bit of a stretch.
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    I don't think that I would go towards brothers at the same position on a NFL team....at all.
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    last year was another pet cat of mine..

    Haven't followed up on how he's doing in SF, though..
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    Interesting, some of the CBs not mentioned:

    Josh Norman, 6'0 205 4.5, Coastal Carolina
    Micah Pellerin, 6'0 185 4.4, Hampton
    Josh Robinson, 5'10 195 4.4, Central Florida
    Desmond Marrow, 6'2 210 4.5, Toledo
    DeAndre Pressley, 5'10 180 4.3, Appalachian State

    And there are several interesting players from the big programs that were stuck behind some blue chip players.

    Ron Brooks, 5'11 180 4.4, LSU
    Chaz Powell, 6'0 205 4.4, Penn State
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    I always thought Pasquarelli (or Pastabelly) looked like Don Vito.

    I was searching for a picture of him and came across this.


    Good Lord, Len. Let it go, pal.

    How do they put that guy on TV with that. That's gotta be damaging to young children.

    I have never stood the combover. Ever.

    Like anyone would be fooled by that. As if a big wind gust were to completely dismantle that thing people would be shocked to see how bald the underlying scalp is.

    Just let it go. There's a guy who works at the local convenience store and his combover is worse. It's not like a thinly-veiled mask, it's sculpted thick strands that are glued down to the top of his head with half-inch sections of bald head showing between the rows.

    Why insult yourself by combing a horse-tail from one side of your head to the other?
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    Tony Kornheiser's might be worse.

    I don't get it either. My dad had nothing but strings stretched across his head. When he went through chemo a few years ago most of his hair fell out and I buzzed off the rest for him. It was a good look for him and I told him that, but it eventually grew back and he went straight to the combover again.

    It seriously is deranged when you think about it. These are likely all reasonable men that think they are actually pullin' the wool over everyones eyes and fooling'em.

    I told my wife in all seriousness that when I start to lose my hair, don't lie and tell me it's still thick or that it looks good; tell me I'm balding. I much rather shave my head than think I was fooling anyone.
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    I'm with ya real, once it starts disappearing, off it all comes.
  10. silverbear

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    Gotta agree with you... I'm losing my hair (hey, I'm pushing 60 and still have about 80 per cent of it, I'm not doing too bad), but so be it... I'm not gonna go the combover route, and I'm not gonna shave my head... I'll cut my hair the same way I have for decades, and let nature take its course... just keep it neat, that's all I can do...
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    When I was 24 I noticed a baldspot, I knew it was thinning, but I didn't realize you could see alot of scalp. I shaved it off that night. If I was sixty I wouldn't have done it, but at 24 it made me look 35. I'm 42 now, damn near been bald as long as I had hair.
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    Hey, I think we can all hope we have as much hair as you when we turn 60.

    Personally, I'm hoping to have a mop of hair like Ronald Reagan did.

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    Just sculpted as can be?

    I don't really care either way. I have hair, I'm told by every barber that it's damn thick but haven't done anything but cut it short or shave my head for about the last 10 years.

    I wash it, it dries and that's how it goes. Haven't combed it in 10 years at all.

    I don't know how valid the "maternal grandfather" thing is but if it's got any sort of legs to it, I'll be as bald as can be not too long from now. I can't remember my grandfather with hair and even in the pictures from when he was young, he had very little of it.

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