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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by garyv, Apr 4, 2006.

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    Another running back who had been thought to be a potential Colts draft pick, Southern California’s Len Dale White, failed to impress NFL scouts at the school’s Pro Day on Sunday. He did not do any running, citing a persistent hamstring injury. He did some light work on the bench press (15 repetitions at 225 pounds) and showed up at the workout much heavier than expected.

    I have said several times in the past I simply can't see him going in the 1st Round like many Mock Drafts show, he simply reminds me too much of Ron Dayne who in my opinion realy never lived up to his College days.
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    I don't understand why, if a kid is good, he does not show all his skill on pro day......
  3. Danny White

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    This guy has "Denver Broncos" written all over him.
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    Good call.
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    NFL | L. White trying to keep covered
    Mon, 3 Apr 2006 18:34:44 -0700
    Jason Cole, writing for NBCSports.com, reports USC RB LenDale White wore a loose-fitting warm-up suit during his Pro Day in an effort to not show much of his body. He drew audible groans from NFL scouts at the NFL Combine when he showed his chest. After seeing White at the NFL Combine, one NFL general manager said, "The guy needed a bra, it was ridiculous. You come to the combine looking like that and you want to be a first-round pick? Come on. The guy had obviously been doing nothing."
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    Man, that is harsh.
  7. Uh-Oh

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  8. Danny White

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    Maybe he needed a "Bro"

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    Maybe Bill will lend him one :D
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    I've just never been a big fan of his. So many good backs have been taken in the 2nd and 3rd rounds that I need to see a bit of a "special" factor in a RB in the 1st round. I've never seen it in White.
  12. JonJon

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    Oh well...I was hoping White would be a hot prospect and Indy would be willing to trade up with us to get him. That way, we could have gotten their 3rd or 4th. hopefully DeAngelo Williams will still be on the board at pick #18 and we can still make the trade happen. I think it will, mainly because the Panthers, Jaguars, and Jets will be looking for replacement running backs and they all pick before Indy, who desperately needs a replacement for James.
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    I am not one for drafting White especially with his lack of work ethic when it would be a critical time to show his best side before the draft, but who knows what he will become. Yeah, he is similar to Dayne who hasn't impressed anyone, but wasn't Dayne similar to Larry Johnson? Or similar to Duckett? You just never know what you are going to get....
  14. cwbyfan72

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    I saw the pro day footage, and he looked fat. Bring out the manzeere.
  15. theogt

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    What is this kid thinking? His Rose Bowl performance rocketed him into the first round. The only question was where round he was going to be drafted. A good showing this off-season could have put him in the top 15 perhaps top 10 picks. Now it looks like he could slip to the end of the first round. Heck, at that point anything is possible and he could slip to the second. Are these people not human (and by that I mean greedy)? If I had multi-million dollar contracts sitting in front of me I'd be training like crazy.
  16. silver

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    I, like many here and many scouts are highly disapointed in White by his post Rose Bowl dissapearing act. Having said that, we tend to over-analyse these players and forget to look a the game film. If he slides to say the 3rd round, he'll be the Jason Witten of the 2006 draft. Somebody will be extremely happy to pluck him then. The guy can play. And Ron Dayne may be slow but he managed to romp for a long run and beat us on turkey day. If he's slow, Keith Davis is a tortoise.
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    No, Dayne was slow even college at this weight. I thought he was overrated, since Wisconsin had a great OL. While I thought Larry Johnson was going to be good, regardless of the Penn State rep. I was told I was wrong many times about that, and when first couple of years when Larry Johnson was getting beat in press and probably by his HC, I thought maybe they were right.

    But I didn't think Larry Would be this good though. Duckett is again overrated too. I think White can be good, but his laziness, that can't be overcome. You never going to be good if have tendency to do that.
  18. silver

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    http://www.footballsfuture.com/2006/prospects/lendale_white.htmlLenDale White RB 6’2 235 USC Jr.
    By: Robert Davis

    LenDale White has played “Thunder” to Reggie Bush’s “Lightning” during his three years at USC. The two compliment each other perfectly, and has played a huge role in USC’s explosive offense and overall success. As a true freshman, White led the Trojans in rushing with 754 yards and 13 touchdowns. As a sophomore, he again led the team in rushing. He finished the season with 1,103 yards on the ground with 15 touchdown runs. This season he took a back seat to Reggie Bush as the feature back, but still ended the year with career highs across the board. White ran for 1,178 yards and 21 touchdowns, averaging over 6.6 yards per carry. In his three year career, White scored 57 touchdowns, a USC record. One interesting note is that White is a cousin of Detroit Piston Chauncey Billups.

    White may be the best power back in the country. He is a load to bring down between the tackles. With his size and strength, he just runs through arm tackles and falls forward at the end of every run. For a man his size, he does pack a little wiggle, and has very good speed in the open field to take it the distance. Even though he’s not used very often out of the backfield, he has displayed solid hands when used as a receiver.

    The only real problem with LenDale's running game is that it takes him an extra step to get moving forward again when he changes direction. He lacks the burst in and out of cuts, and it is something he must work on. He has good long range speed, but takes a bit to reach top speed.

    In just three seasons, LenDale White broke the touchdown record at USC. He scored 57 touchdowns in three seasons. His nose for the end zone is second to none. After his excellent career with the Trojans, White is ready to impress in workouts. He has a legitimate shot to be the second running back taken in the draft after his teammate Reggie Bush, but is a first round pick no matter when he comes off the board.
  19. Apollo Creed

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    Entirely too many people depend on evalutations based on one day of a person not even wearing pads. That doesn't tell you what kinda heart he has, that doesn't tell you how he'll fight to get those tough yards in between the tackles. During the rose bowl he looked like a better NFL back than Reggie Bush. I think White will be able to take the NFL beating better than Bush, but our backfield is entirely too full. Jones, Barber, and Thompson should give us enough depth to make a Super Bowl run.
  20. InmanRoshi

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    He's not being discounted because he turned in a bad time in the 40. He's being discounted because he's so fat and so lazy he couldn't even run his 40. This is a runningback we're talking about ... not a noseguard. If he can't even be bothered to get into shape with millions of dollars on the line, you honestly think he's just going to magically find work ethic once he cashes a check for a multi-million dollar signing bonus?

    Besides, he's just not that special as a RB. USC's passing attack with Leinart assured that he never had to face 8 or 9 man fronts, and he played on a OL with 3 starters who are going to be Day 1 draft picks this year, and probably another one that will go first day next year.

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