News: Lenny P: Henson looking to get career on track

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by garrett316, Feb 28, 2006.

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    I am hoping they find a way to keep him.__________________

    So am I, but I wouldn't count on it. Especially with this CBA crap.
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    Spin, baby, spin.

    A Carter apologist...YOU...was the one who hi-jacked the thread.

    You are beyond laughable.
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    Nice to forget who I posted it for and what I said doesn't it? But then when did facts matter to you?

    Second, you want me to pull out prettty much any Henson threads, and show your agenda there? Critsizing is one thing, but bashing a player in any chance one gets, even commenting on the fact that how sad/pathetic the player looks on the sideline, tells everything one needs to know about your true feelings.

    Lastly, I pretty much try to ignore you, unless you post something to me, that I have to respond, such as these posts or something related to my posts. I dismissed your views or opinions long time ago, when we had a argument about Prospects and how you professed there is no such thing as Great/Good prospects unless they are proven players ( and co-incidently, that was discussion about Henson and his ability before he played in 2004). But then its fine touting some TE, who you think is good, as a good prospect (Heath Miller). I guess your views only slant towards what fits your AGenda at that time :rolleyes:
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    All Cowboy fans should root for Cowboy players period, besides we got to do something besides watching the draft. Hell I even watched some arena ball the other night. What I really wish would happen with Arena ball is that there would be a Dallas Cowboy arena ball team named the Cowboys forget all that Desperado crap. I'll admit it I remember the strike year we had an awsome team of scab players, remember K-mart and the others...
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    In regards to your sig, Charles... the "Keep Glover Bandwagon"....

    Are you saying you are a member of the "KGB"? :D
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    Here, let's get this thread back on the intended subject matter shall we? Just pulled this from

    Current NFL Europe players look to the past

    By Mike Carlson
    Special to

    (March 1, 2006) -- Maybe you noticed Kelly Herndon during the Super Bowl. After all, he did make a pretty big play. But you probably weren't aware that Herndon might not have been in the NFL at all had he not had a fine season for the late, lamented Barcelona Dragons of NFL Europe.

    Nor would his Barcelona teammate Chartric "Chuck" Darby.

    Maybe Isaiah Kacyvenski and Sean Morey were thinking World Bowl at the coin toss.

    Did you notice Sean Morey was one of the Steelers captains for the Super Bowl? I'm not sure which is odder, two Ivy Leaguers as Super Bowl captains (Seattle's Isaiah Kacyvenski was the other) or Morey having played three seasons in Europe: two as a receiver with one as a cornerback sandwiched in between. Perhaps it was that determination that impressed Bill Cowher.

    Last year, I started my coverage of NFL Europe by picking an All-NFLE team from the 2004 NFL season, and all three of these guys feature in this year's version.

    WR: Brian Finneran, Falcons; Marcus Robinson, Vikings; Dane Looker, Rams
    TE: Bryan Fletcher, Colts
    OT: Matt Lepsis, Broncos; Barry Sims, Raiders
    G: Ben Hamilton, Broncos; Brian Walters, Chiefs
    C: Andy McCollum, Rams
    QB: Jake Delhomme, Panthers
    RB: Maurice Hicks, 49ers; Aaron Stecker, Saints
    FB: Obafemi Ayanbadejo, Cardinals
    DE: Paul Spicer, Jaguars; Bobby Hamilton, Raiders
    DT: Keith Traylor, Dolphins; La'Roi Glover, Cowboys; Chuck Darby, Seahawks
    LB: James Harrison, Steelers; Donnie Spragan, Dolphins; Keith Adams, Eagles (yes, I know they're all OLBs, so I'll add Rich Scanlon of the Chiefs to play MLB if you insist)
    CB: Kelly Herndon, Seahawks; Corey Ivy, Rams
    S: Nick Ferguson, Broncos; Deke Cooper, Jaguars
    P: Brian Moorman, Bills
    PK: Adam Vinatieri, Patriots
    KR: Dante Hall, Chiefs
    ST: Sean Morey, Steelers

    It's not a bad little team. Like last year, it's short at what I'd call the "natural talent" positions (cornerback, running back, wide receiver), though there is good depth on both lines, at quarterback, linebacker and safety.

    What is disappointing is that it is so similar to last year's team. Very few players from last season made an impact this year. That's not unusual. If you look at a guy like Bryan Fletcher, who stepped into Marcus Pollard's role in Indianapolis without any loss of effectiveness, he follows the usual pattern. The season in Europe provides the impetus for the player to make the roster. Then he eventually gets his chance (or sometimes doesn't) to actually get on the field and make a difference. Sometimes it takes a change of team, an injury or just the luck of making the big play when you finally do get that chance, but usually the process takes more than a year.

    Having said that, there's still a sense that too few of the players assigned to NFL Europe are the ones who might benefit most from the opportunity, namely those in the bottom 10 spots on the roster, as well as the practice squad. Too many are street free agents, signed, more often than not, in the assumption they aren't going to make the NFL roster. It's left up to them to prove the personnel guys wrong, as most of those players listed above did in their time.

    Drew Henson played in seven games in 2004, starting one, but none in 2005.

    Last year at the World Bowl, Carl Peterson told this column that's it's worth the approximately $450,000 per team NFL Europe costs, if only to avoid bringing a couple of players to camp whom you don't want and who might cost you. If you get roster players from the league, you're ahead. And if you get Pro Bowlers (the Chiefs have notched three: Waters, Hall and Gary Stills), well, it's like hitting the lottery.

    This year we've again got the big-name quarterback trying to resurrect his NFL career. Here's hoping Drew Henson does better than Akili Smith, but I wonder if the Cowboys might wonder whether Henson might have been better served playing in Europe a couple of seasons ago. Henson's not the only former NFL starter looking to kick-start his career.

    Two years ago, Qasim Mitchell was starting on the Bears' offensive line. Now he finds himself trying to make it with the Frankfurt Galaxy. Kliff Kingsbury wasn't a starter, but he did feature under center for the Jets during their nightmarish 2005 quarterbacking odyssey. He'll be with Cologne. But the most interesting quarterback back this year is Amsterdam's Gibran Hamdan, who begins his third European season. Last year, he started the first four games before going down with a season-ending injury: Amsterdam went on to win the World Bowl with the Bears' Kurt Kittner going the rest of the way. Could the third time be lucky for Hamdan? We'll be reporting from Tampa as we try to find the answers to that and many other questions during training camp.
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    So in your reply to acheman you insinuated that I didn't like Henson because he killed my dog........Quincy Carter............thanks for proving my point.........elementary reasoning..........of course my opinion couldn't formulated from the fact that Henson has failed to nail down or take his projected spot in the past.

    Yah I know it's hard to argue with facts.............
    Go ahead and pull them. It's not my fault Henson looked dejected on the sideline when the camera crew took a shot of him at Philly in the cold. He was huddled up in his huge coat on the bench. At that moment he looked lost and and pretty much not into a very close game, thats the impression I got.

    So go ahead. I am calling you out pull up any Henson thread and show case my agenda. I doubt you'd do it though...........its a fact you can't prove....
    I remember that thread "prospect" very well,. Infact here is the link.......

    Let me refresh your memory. You stated that Henson was the best or 1st real prospect since Troy Aikman. I disagreed, because based on the fail rate of QBs, the only way to know if they were a great prospect is if they get over the hump.

    In Heath Miller case, I thought he was the best player available with our 2nd 1st RD pick last year. I didn't say he would the best prospect at the TE position since for the Cowboys since Jay Novacek. I thought he was the best player available when compared to the other players in the draft if he was still on the board. I didn't compare him to current NFL players like you did with Henson.

    Funny how he's quickly following the path Hutch took........Is that typical of the best or 1st real prospect since our last franchise QB.

    This stuff isn't rocket science.
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    Yeah, great facts, as in Henson winning starting job in 2000 in Michigan. Let me guess according to your FACTS, thats not winning since John Navarre is out of the league :D

    Really? How about this post 51 - post 95 ( Funny how everyone thinks you have QUincy Carter agenda there? Oh i forget, they are my buddies :D) ( I guess only you can see this side of Henson)

    I guess I could go on and on... But why bother.. I am pretty sure, all that you were doing was just discussing Henson's QB abilities only .... :rolleyes:

    Maybe you ought to read the whole thread again. Since it seems like you like to remember only your side of argument or have selective memory. I guess we should differentiate between Best player available and Best Prospect? And I compared Henson to be being like Aikman or did I say best prosect since Aikman? Oh yeah, in your mind, its one the same eh? Yeah, I am sure you don't have an agenda. Now keep spinning that wheel real hard... I am sure someone here believes you.
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    Its already been acknowledged that I didn't bring him up first. Don't you enjoy stirring the pot, look at all the fun we're having.
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    I don't know. It's kind of like Carter has just disappeared. For a guy that has such a serious drug problem, you'd think you here about him like we have about Ricky Williams or Michael Irvin and everyone else who's getting caught with drugs. Really makes you wonder?
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    There's no reasoning with you.
  13. kartr

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    Garcia took the Niners to the playoffs that year, is that rock solid enough for you?
  14. RCowboyFan

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    :lmao: :laugh2: :lmao2:

    Ultimate pot calling kettle black :laugh1:
  15. Hostile

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    Don't bring a feather duster to a gunfight. What else can I tell ya?
  16. kartr

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    Because Hostile's nickname should be 'He hate Q', that's why he gives him no credit.
  17. kartr

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    Not so. Carter has won 12 games and lost 8 in his last 20 starts, that's 60% which is better than Bledsoes 9-7 record and we have won 15 and lost 17 since he's been gone,under 50%, how's that for an improvement.:laugh2:
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    Actually Navarre is in the league. I didn't know where he had landed until yesterday when a poster who thought I was bashing Henson mentioned it.
    He didn't win the job. There was No competition. Drew Henson was the clear cut starter going into the 2000 season. Infact, Henson injured his foot and Navarre had to start the season opener. That is neither here nor there.

    You are infact clueless. Drew Henson was designated the starter once Tom Brady left the only QB on the roster with collegiate experience was Jason Kapsner. He left school to pursue other business options. Navarre was sent into a crash course in the spring to get him acclimated to the offense. He didn't take any meaningful snaps as a freshman stuck behind Brady, Henson and Kaspner.

    Some of my very good Wolverine friends wished Kaspener hadn't left because they were stuck with a sophmore QB in Navarre who hadn't seen any live action, though he was a highly recruited highschool prospect and played well running the skeleton team during spring practice.

    RCowboyfan........there was no competition.

    Okay..........I see the agenda

    You gotta admit Manchurian QB was great:laugh2:

    Noticing that he looks dejected on the side line..........

    Noting the relevancy of discussing the 3rd string QB whilst our team is in the midst of a play-off run...............

    Giving you scoup on Henson agent sniffind around the league for his client during the season. I bet your wondering how I know......Well I have buddies who work for agents that have clients in the NFL. You can take my word for it or lump it.........Just watch out when I make another skewed bet about the draft:laugh2: Just ask Rack.............

    I guess my less that glowing remarks about Henson is because he hasn't really done squat, but as yuou but it so elloquently........."the 1st real or best prospect since Troy".

    Maybe if he does something of consequence I'll give him some praise, up until this point that fact are Hutchinson and Carter have done alot more than Henson. That is a shame by anyone standard.

    You stated he was the best prospect since Aikman, common sense tell me that you think Henson is better prospect than Stoerner, Wright, Carter, Hutchinson and Romo. Well he hasn't done much to prove it.........other speak so well, say the right things and look the part.

    He gets tough love bro............Franchise QBs aren't annointed.......they earn it.

    later RC..........

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    OK whats worst aguing about a QB who has not played on the team in 3 years or a QB who has not played 3 qrts of football in 3yrs.LOL and for the record I am a defender of Q "somewhat" and I wanted Henson on the team and still beleive it was a good move to sign him. So it is possible to like both QB"s unlike some who have stated in prior post all the people who defended Q are Henson Hater's.

  20. kartr

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    One of the reasons that the NFCE is back from the dead is that Carter was not here to sweep the Giants and the Skins. The Carter-led Cowboys swept the Giants 54-39,that's plus 15 points and 48-14 over the Skins, that's plus 34 over the Skins and he beat the Eagles when they were still good, not a shell of their former selves and Carter passed for 561 yards against the Giants for an average of 280 yards per game while Hambrick ran for like 50 yards. In the 2003 schedule, the Pats,Bills,Dolphins,Panthers,Bucs,the Eagles twice and the Jets and Saints on the road was just a piece of cake, right.:laugh2:

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