News: Lenny P: Henson looking to get career on track

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by garrett316, Feb 28, 2006.

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    Where are the qb's in that bunch?
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    So, if it is your right to bash him, why don't I have a right to defend him. Don't I have the right to bash Henson if you have the right to bash Carter. What is this, Animal Farm? All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. Defend Hutch, he was garbage from day one despite what Jerry thought, and Parcells pretty much confirmed that by discounting him from the start. He said that he thought Carter was the better player all along,unlike that genius Randy Mueller.
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    Carter was is talented. He has a cannon for an arm and great mobility. His accuracy was beggining to improve and then Blamo he tested postitive for illegal substances. Carter could have been the quarterback of the future, but he made his choise.
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    Chang actually got benched for maddeningly inconsistent play, he's a system QB
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    So those who have the opinion that Carter wasn't the worse we ever had won't be criticized for saying so. Is that what you're saying? I really don't care whether you agree with me or not, I just want the same right to defend him as others do Henson. Everybody should be free to say what they think, we shouldn't have to shush any praise or defense of Carter because some don't like him. Others have the right to praise Bledsoe and Henson all they want, I don't have a problem with that, I just disagree with their talent and future roles on this team and think that those are like-minded should have the same right to criticize as the Carter-haters. It seems that you're saying that those who like Carter should shut-up about it and let any criticisms go, but don't bash Henson or Bledsoe or whoever you like. You seem to be saying to yield to the majority, the majority may rule,but each of us still gets a vote on who we like and our right to our opinion,however unpopular, is protected in the Constitution,since you brought up that document.
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    Having the Talent to play for the Michigan Wolverines...New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys...I'm Impressed.:D


    Back on Topic!:D
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    I've never defended Hutch. I know you'd like me to but I'm not fake. You see, you can't hang your hat on Carter over Hutch with me, because I frankly couldn't care less about either one of them as a QB option.

    It's too bad you never played baseball. The sound of a bat making contact is so sweet. All you ever get is air as you whiff.
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    Wow, well, kartr, you do have a valid point there....!

    You have earned a Bronze Star...:starspin

    I think this whole mess is, well...just a mess! The arguement to me seems that...this whole thing started with numerous reports about what Quincy did while playing for the Cowboys. I will list some things about Quincy that I have read...and sort of agree on. And, I will use the name QC now and the numbers below pertain to him...when he first came to the Cowboys.

    1. QC could not throw a spiral...totally ducks
    2. QC was given the job by JJ, since JJ was really the coach at the time
    3. QC competed against other black QBs on the squad...Wright, Banks.
    4. QC blamed everyone for the loss to the expansion Texans.
    5. QC and Antonio Bryant planned with each other to improvise on the field (this was called out by Emmit Smith, and QC asked Emmitt not to tell that)(now is this true?...who knows)
    6 QC berated JJ on the sidelines during the Arizona game..(you should never do that)
    7. QC was on a team that had the # 1 or 2 defense in the league.
    8. QC was part of the team that took the Cowboys to the playoffs.
    9. QC was on a team of disgusting coachs.
    10. QC procalimed to be the leader of the Cowboys (and I think he did not want the competiion from Horse face, or Vinnie).
    11. QC made a drastic mistake in thinking he was the one.
    12. QC played QB for the Dallas Cowboys, and he was an African American man.
    13. QC studied hard, often staying late to look at film.
    14. QC did everything right! Except one thing!
    15. QC did drugs...noone forced him to do that, he made that decision.

    Well? You know what? Everyone does things that they might regret, even the most respected citizens around you...have screwed up!

    QC was a part of that team that took the Cowboys to the playoffs...yes he was! And, he deserves that credit!

    And all in all...he is the one that made the decisions to be where he is at right now. He could have made a better life...if he were a smarter man.

    The arguements on any Cowboy forum, at least to me, is not what the man did, it's what the man should have NOT DONE! Quincy could have had America's Team in his hands! He is/was a terrific athlete...

    It sucks sometimes, that stuff like that happens, but, it happens to the best of us. Maybe Quincy Carter's calling was not to be a QB? Who knows? My momma always told me, "Son, things happen for a reason".

    Anyway, sorry for the long post...I know that somewhere, somehow, Quincy Carter will live just like the rest of us do! And, it will be a great life for him...playing QB for the Dallas Cowboys is not the last thing on Earth for the man! There are more things in life..and he will find it!

    So will Henson, Banks, Hutch, Wright...Leaf...and anyone else among us! That is just how it is....

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    That does not answer the real question are you a Q-lover or Hater or is the question are you Henson-lover or Hater is was it Bledsoe lover or Hater I forget which one it is but I'm sure you have to love or Hate
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    Holy hell talk about selective numbers. Why does Quincy get the benefit of getting extra games to show his record?

    Quincys last 20 starts 12-8

    Bledsoes Last 20 starts 12-8 amazing isn't it?

    Lets go further

    Bledsoes last 20 games 4283 yards 26 TDs 20 INTs

    Carters last 20 games 3726 yards 19 TD's 22 INTs

    I see a pretty signifigant difference there.

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    I actually think you might be making more of a case for the Q camp we are talking about a 3rd year QB versus a potential hall of fame QB.
  12. BigDFan5

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    No in order for this to be a case for Carter it would have to be comparible to Bledsoes numbers at that same time period in their respective careers, Carter comes nowhere near close to those numbers. Comparing a young guy to and old guy on his downslope, and the old guy still wins handily that is no way makes Quincy look good. Bledsoe was in the SuperBowl his 4th year, Quincy was in rehab his 4th year.
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    Yeah, what ever nonsense you keep babling and convincing yourself that somehow you make sense is really laughable. On One hand, he is annointed if he was named the Starting QB, and on the other hand, when you don't know the facts, you say the guy he beat or named starter over is nobody. Yep you are really strong on your facts indeed :laugh1:

    Yeah, you are strong on facts indeed. Yeah, you and your sources were right on money about Henson wanting a trade. Its nice to know, while you pretend to be civil, you tend to throw insults my way, because I don't buy your Facts . Showing your true colors are you?:) Oh yeah, I forgot I just need to take your sources to be correct, since they have been on the money :eek: :lmao:

    Btw, I could give a rats tiny Behind about you giving any due to Henson. The point was about your agenda, which shows to anyone who cares to read the links I posted. But I am sure, in your Mind you think its true just because you believe it or say so :lmao2:

    Yeah, now you can go about babbling further about how you proved me wrong and don't have an agenda, I am sure there is one or two people on the board who read your gibberish, believe you :D

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