LennyP TIPSHEET: On Dallas Media's Take re: the HOF voting

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 20, 2006.

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    The Pro Football Hall of Fame balloting won't take place until the morning before Super Bowl XL, but some media folks in the Dallas area have already begun banging the drums, in their typically ill-informed fashion, about contentions that a bias exists against the Cowboys' candidates. In the same week, two columnists from the Fort-Worth Star Telegram penned pieces, apparently trying to win votes and influence selectors. The annual rhetoric is every bit as petty and small-minded as the Dallas area media accuses the selectors of being. It never affects the votes, and won't this year, but that probably won't stop the columnists from grinding their axes on days when they've apparently got nothing better to write.

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    The FWST guys show facts to base their stories. Where's your facts/excuse Lenny?
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    Pasta Belly is off my Christmas card list.

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    As opposed to Lenny, who writes small-minded pieces year round.
  5. SkinsHokieFan

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    Lenny is a fat bitter man

    Why does he seem to have an axe to grind with so many people?
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    thats unbelievable :lmao2: :lmao:
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    it's uncanny, isn't it?
  9. fiveandcounting

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    Len Pasquerelli - the Terrell Owens of sports journalism. Nice way to talk about your peers Lenny boy.
  10. BrAinPaiNt

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    I did something similar a couple years back...it is just flat out scary how much they look alike.
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    Every time I read one of his articles (which seem to overwhelmingly shred teams in the East) and see that ridiculous picture, I think of Vito. I mean, comeon....you're gonna put a pic up of yourself that looks like THAT and expect to be considered a professional?
  12. Cajuncowboy

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    I have to keep a barf bucket handy when I read any of this guys crap. He is the most uninformed biased boob to pen an article.
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    I'm not opposed to using relative numbering quotas for the HOF,,, The way I see it, the Cowboys went to 5 Superbowls in the 70's and won 2. Pittsburgh went to 4 Superbowls and won 4. Pittsburgh's whole 70's team is in the HOF,,, Dallas should have at least 50% of their 70's team in the HOF...
    :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin
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    Shush, your being logical. There ain't no logic allowed in here.
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    Wait a second. So sometimes it's the "stats" that you have that gets you in the HOF. Other times its how many SBs you win. I see, inconsistency is logical only when applied to the 'Boys.

    Pasqadumby needs to just hush. He spends about as much time watching 'Boys games inversely proportional to the amount of time he probably eats.

    There is an obvious bias towards 'Boys and I'm tired of mediots who are obviously anti-Cowboys defending their own anti-Cowboys' biases. That's like trusting an alchoholic when he says he's not an alcoholic anymore with a Bud in his hand and is half drunk slurring his words to you.
  16. Yakuza Rich

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    It's been a running joke for almost 2 years now between my friends and I that we refer to Pasquarelli as "Len Vito."

  17. kingwhicker

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    Just think when Pittsburgh wins the Super Bowl this year 15 years from now we'll be griping about guys like Willie Parker, Kendall Simmons, Jef Hartings, Willie Williams, Antwan Randle El, Clark Haggans, James Farrior, and Ike Taylor getting in while Michael Irvin and Rayfield Wright will still be getting voted down in the finals. Cowher, Roethlisberger, Bettis, Ward, Heath Miller, Casey Hampton, Joey Porter and all those guys will be in on the first ballot.
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    Its one thing Skins/Boys fans can all agree on, this guys is a bias loser.

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