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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Boys#1 95, Apr 19, 2017.

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    Side Note: The Cowboys had Jon Condo on the team in the 2005 off-season. He has been the Raiders long snapper since 2006 and made the Pro Bowl in 2009 and 2011.
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    Nobody cares about the long snapper until you don't have one.
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    I just know there are guys who have not been good at it and it can cost you big time when they mess up. As great as Frederick is at Center I like knowing that our long snaps are being handled Ladouceur
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    LP was a pass rushing DE in high school and junior college. Then mainly long snapped in college. With our luck at DE this guy might be worth some snaps? :)
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    Lol I always told my son he could be a kicker if we started early. There are only a couple of positions on the football field where the guys dont necessarily have to have off the charts athletic ability. No offense to Dan Bailey, it goes without saying hes more than a mortal kicker.
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    I mean, it's funny. Yeah. But the dude is really good at his job.

    BTW, I'd totally by his jersey. Lol
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    Great at his job.
    Incredibly sweet deal for him.
    snaps the ball (perfectly) a few times a game and has made millions.
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    Ladouceur, a good Canadian, is very, very well known by Cowboy fans!!
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    English as a second language.
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    He could tell me he's a Cowboys, even show his ID......I still wouldn't believe him.
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    You missed the whole meaning my brother...look up the word and think a minute. it will come to you I hope. *clue..play on words.
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