Let's be real... I always have been

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    Here is my take:

    listen what bothers me is we dont have a constant passrush...we cant just run on anyone and romo can go off the reservation against a team that didnt have 7 starters on defense...and lets not even talk about our secondary...too many holes to win it all...you just cant have that...are we good? yes , are we in the weak NFC? yes...can we win 12 in this weakened conference? yes...but if we were in the AFC we would only win 9 games and maybe not make the playoffs...that is just who we are...sorry to say...I wish it was more...but that's all it is...the bills game has shown us that...can we get blown out this weekend? yes...can we keep it close if we play out of our minds and get somethings to go our way? yes to that too...likelyhood of that happening 35% IMO...likelyhood of us losing by 20 points or more...50%

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    i can think of several teams that are better than us in the AFC:

    The Pats
    The Colts
    The Steelers
    The Chargers

    and a few more that you could argue about.
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    I bet you have been waiting for us to play a bad game all year long so you could post that.

    I think we are just as good as any team in the league.
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    cry more, and I don't agree with most of what you said

    and there was no reason to put this crap in a new thread so you can come back next week chest thump and act like you know more than the rest of us.

    we had a bad game, get over it.
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    You are entitled to you opinion but I know we can beat the colts and did last season Pitt and SD good teams but are very beatable. You want to down play Dallas fine but this team is better than what you are willing to give credit for. Lastly Pats are an extreamly good team and is a big challenge but they too can be beaten and Dallas does have the talent to do just that. I don't expect an easy game and would not be shocked if we fail but Dallas does have legit chance at winning this game as well.
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    We were the only NFC team with a winning record agaisnt the AFC last year. We beat the Colts, who happened to go to and win the SuperBowl that year. This year we beat the other team that played in that Super Bowl, why are so many posters posting these stupid "we're doomed" threads!? We can play with any team in the NFL..... accept it.
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    You want some weak-sauce to go with that whine? Yeah one bad game vs 4 good ones shows us who we really are. you act like the best QB's never had bad games against good teams. Hell, we sucked in 1991 and still beat the skins who won the SB. The Pats are beatable, just like last year when we beat the unbeatable colts.
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    I've seen your diary.

    I know how you cried when little Bobby Taylor spurned your advances.
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    Only agree with Pats and Colts. Rest are up for debate.

    Steelers??? if you make Ben throw more than 20-25 time, they lose.
    Chargers?? Rivers has NOT shown that he can beat you without a run game either.

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    This poster posted this 2 weeks ago .... guess Monday nights game freaked him out.


    Here is some more Gems






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    You just wait, Romo's coming home, the Pats are over-rated, Cowboys roll.....
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    Pats have 14 sacks and we have 12. We aren't killing people but we are getting pressure.

    Our rush off. is 7th in the NFL.

    Romo had 1 bad game this year and he's 11-4 in his first 15 starts

    Pats have 8 INTs and we have 10. Our secondary is playing well.

    We'd win 9 in the AFC? OK, if you say so. You do realize of the 16 AFC team only 7 have winning records?

    I guess there isn't much point in you watching the game then huh?
  13. Doomsday101

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    I would not consider the Pats Over rated nor would I consider them unbeatable. Dallas has the talent to compete with them and beat them the biggest thing I see that NE has over Dallas is experiance in these type of big games. I know the Pats can handle the hype of this game sunday we will find out if the Cowboys can do the same.
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    I can think of several posters better than you.
  16. bbailey423

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    you are kidding yourself if the you think any of those teams, other than the Pats, are definitley better than us. The Steelrs lost to the Cardinals. We beat the Colts last year, and they were stronger last year. The Chargers would struggle to score on us. It's really the Pats/Colts in the 1st tier...then we are in the 2nd tier...that tier also include some NFC teams as well as some AFC teams
  17. adamknite

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    Thanks Stealth I appreciate the praise. ;)

  18. GimmeTheBall!

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    I counted 5 yeses.
    Let me me say this: Every team has its weaknesses. Every team has its strong points. We happen to have more strong points than weaknesses.
    Lastly, and I use this term correctly, I assure you, after long analysis by the staff of the 50,000-watt tower of truth, logic and plausible deniability, we've arrived at this startling premise:

    We are not as bad as you say.
    The Pats are not as good as the experts say.
    To condense this gem further, let me say, in occlusion, that iffin the crowd does its job, the Cowboys will pull off an upset this Sunday.
    Yes, you heard this here first. You can take it to the bank.
    I feel confident in making that statement because great analyses (plural) at the 50,000-watt colossus of supreme truth usually proves true.
    Unless it involves Ellis. Or Barber. Or Wade.

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    Here are some random stats that REALLY count

    TOTAL Team TD's
    Pats 23(#1) - Boys 21(#2)

    TOTAL Points Scored
    Pats 182(#1) - Boys 176(#2)
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    Pats and Steelers? Definitely YES.

    But the Colts? Chargers? Are you KIDDING me?? The Colts can't stop the run, even if it means to save their own lives, and outside of Freeney/Mathis, they're not THAT great of a pass rushing team. And have you even bothered to watch a Chargers game this year? Their secondary BLOWS, and they can't get much pass rush either. On top of that, their coach is NORV TURNER.

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