Lets keep it real. Seattle vs. Dallas.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DallasDomination, Oct 22, 2005.

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    I keep telling you man, you LUV this board. You LUV hanging out with BOYZ fans. We need to buy you a nice COWBOYS hat. You stay on our board all the time. Closet BOYZ fan for sure. You LUV it here.. I don't blame you, I'm sure its much better then your DEAD azz skins board. Thats why you're here..
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    Let's not forget all that "good stuff" we held back in the Seattle pre-season game because we didn't want to let the cat out of the bag.

    Back then it was all Vanilla. This time they get the Rocky Road!
  3. jterrell

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    The Ware thing is a minor point. Ware can play either side so he doesn't have to face Jones all day. In fact I am sure he won't. Even at that tho, Jones is not used ot facing 250 speed guy with the power of Ware. I think we already underestimate how hard it is to deal with Ware.

    I am not at all scared of Seattle's WRs. They are throwing out Jurevicious and Warrick. Both are slow. Our Secondary can literally tee off on slow WRs. That WCO is based upon WRs making yardage atfer the catch and these guys are not built for that.

    I expect Alexander and the Tight Ends to hurt us a bit.
    Our offense simply has to score.

    To me this matchup is much the same as it was last season when we won a shoot out. Both teams are 4-2. Sea is similar to us but with a better running game and lesser defense. They have 1 quality win, that being over ATL by 3. They have 1 common opponent and they lost same we did to Washington. Dallas has faced a much tougher schedule so far.

    Sep 11 @Jacksonville Lost 14-26
    Sep 18 Atlanta Won 21-18
    Sep 25 Arizona Won 37-12
    Oct 2 @Washington Lost 17-20
    Oct 9 @St. Louis Won 37-31
    Oct 16 Houston Won 42-10

    Sep 11 @San Diego Won 28-24
    Sep 19 Washington Lost 13-14
    Sep 25 @San Francisco Won 34-31
    Oct 2 @Oakland Lost 13-19
    Oct 9 Philadelphia Won 33-10
    Oct 16 N.Y. Giants Won 16-13
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    Maybe it's because we have the same passion for football that you do and respect the opinions of other fans. While we can respectfully agree to disagree on some things it is always beneficial to hear and absorb information that isn't tainted with blind homerism.

    Most fans sites are going to have there share of half cocked homers and that simply is conducive to being a sports fan. Some people just can't step away from an issue and try to see the big picture.

    I have lurked around this site for awhile now and finally felt comfortable enough to post here. I have literally read thousands of posts here and can see that there are some very knowlegeable posters. These people have the ability to step back and see the big picture without the team colored glasses on. This site to it's credit has allowed healthy debates with respectful posters from other teams sites. It also has shown the ability to police it's own when blind homerism seemed to ignore reality. You should be very proud of this site and even prouder that fans from other teams enjoy popping in from time to time. You Guys and Gals have created the best Cowboys site on the net.
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    Great post. Agree completely.
  6. Tommy-the-Greek

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    As for my opinion on today's game I believe it will be the best game of the day. It will be a close game and Dallas should win by a field goal or less. Dallas will be able to run the ball on the Hawks and control the clock. They may not stop Alexander, but they will contain him. Williams will be able to come up to the line and help stop the run because the Hawks arent going to hurt you with the deep ball. I also think the Hawks may have some matchup problems with Glenn. This should be a 17-14 or 20-17 type of game.
  7. SkinsandTerps

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    Thanks Tommy-the-Greek, Mansta knows there is no way that I can be converted.

    And Welcome to the board. There are some pretty good folks around here, they just cheer for the wrong team. But as you stated, the love for the game is the common denominator.
  8. VACowboy

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    SkinsandTerps: I could rename myself "BoysandCavs," so we are pretty much at opposite ends of the spectrum, but I like reading what you have to say. You're rational and objective, attributes I strive for myself. I'm curious, though. Do you get a beat down from Art when you post on ES? I see the same sort of thing happening to realists on other Cowboys boards. It's why the Zone is my home.
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    The TE position for the Hawks had a rather good game in the preseason.. I hope that we've learned last weekend we need to get a little better control of the middle.. Jeremy Stephens had a good game for the Hawks in the preseason. Seemed like every time they needed a bit play Stephens was getting open and getting first downs. We can't afford to have that happen again if we want to win. I hope the LB's are up for this challenge.
  10. SkinsandTerps

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    This is one of the best forums in football (Kinda like Studio 54, all different types of people). I spend time on several including Panthers, Falcons, Jets, Eagles, among others. I actually spend a lot of time on a draft board where nearly every team is represented (I think it helps me get a better feel overall for the NFL and the young prospects).

    As far as Art, I have never had an issue with him. He does his thing and I do mine. Because ES is so big and fast moving it is often hard to keep up with everything that everybody posts. The same thing was starting to happen here and (I believe, I could be wrong) thats why the staff here decided to keep this forum on a 3 to 4 page max.
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    I think you can add Broncos at the Giants also. Both teams look good, have winning records, but I am not sure either team is as good as they seem right now. But you have to give them credit for what they have done. I'm sure their fans have said the same about our teams.
  12. The30YardSlant

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    Seattle will give us a beating of biblical proportions
  13. SkinsandTerps

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    This game may be a good one too. I think this game could be an ugly one though. There is potential blowout written all over it (by either team).
  14. SkinsandTerps

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    Still trying to use the Mojo I see. I respect the commitment.
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    Bah. Stick to the one syllable grunts symbolic of your ilk, skinboy:)
  16. SkinsandTerps

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    That didnt work out too well.

    :mad: :)
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    I won't use any Skin colors in my sig pic or avatar out of respect for this site. The Cowboy fans didn't come here to see B and G. I even spent a few days trying to find a SouthPark avatar that would be kinda funny, but not disrespectful. I even found a tank pic in my hard drive that most Cowboy fans should find somewhat appealing.

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