Lets say Mcfadden is taken already?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dalboy, Aug 8, 2007.

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    I'd pass on them all. Calais Campbell would struggle here. Does he add weight and play DE or does he transition to OLB. IMO, he's a 4-3 end. Laurenitis would be a MLB, and would be the 5th best on th team (not good for a #2 pick) and Groves would be in a similar situation (Behind Ware and Spencer, possibly Ellis).

    If we had the #2 pick and McFadden was gone, I'd trade down get a #1 next year, and draft Slaton. If I couldn't trade down at all, I'd take Glenn Dorsey for NT, or Desean Jackson at WR and try to trade up for Slaton.
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    i dont think the browns will be 1 or 2. they're nowhere near as bad as atlanta, arizona, and oakland.

    atlanta no qb, scrub wr's.

    zona, patchwork OL. leinart is going to get killed. they look real bad.

    oakland. ugly ugly ugly.

    then the browns still arent as bad as the vikings

    i think cleveland will be fighting with KC for 5 or 6th.

    great pick with the talent that will be avail. but i'd like dallas to trade down, for a 09 pick.dallas will need more picks as they'l be needing young players in key posistions.

    wr, and cb mostly.

    a pick in the 12-16 pick will land dallas either a very good wr, or a very good NT. something they'll need in 08.

    but i dont see cleveland as bad as them top 4 teams
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    We should all root for Brady Quinn to start, if he does we have a legitimate shot at the top pick. If not it should be:

    1)Atlanta- This Michael Vick thing is going to decimate the team, Little offensive talent and an averege (if not below averege defense) equals sucktitude.
    2)Kansas City- This depends on Larry Johnson, if he plays, they'll still be around top 5 imo. If he doesn't they could battle Atlanta.
    3)Minnesota- I haven't seen much of Tavarius Jackson, but count me as a doubter. No talent at WR (except the rookie Rice), and a suspect D should equal a top 5 pick.

    I actually think Arizona and Oakland are better than Cleveland though
  4. DallasCowboysRule!

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    Jake Long is a beast. I'd love to him on our O-Line.
  5. carphalen5150

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    DeShawn Jackson...clap clap clapclapclap!
  6. HopeCowboyFan

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    Slaton or Rice with 2nd #1:cool: :grab:
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    There are a few RBs that I would take over slaton. He's fast, but that's about it. There's lots of really fast backs in the NFL that haven't done squat. I don't see how slaton is that much better than Tyson Thompson. I'd rather have Jonathan Stewart, Mike Hart, or Ray Rice.

    Jake Long would be a sweet addition. Andre Gurode, Leonard Davis, and Jake Long would make converting third and short nearly automatic.

    There weill be lots of good RB's and WR's to be had with the later two of our top three picks.
  8. dallasfan

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    Well, he's faster than TT and far more elusive, has shown to be able to carry the load (20 carries per game last year, including 23 against rutgers for 112 yards), and is far superior in the passing game.
  9. zrinkill

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    Whoever we get will be compared to Mcfadden his entire career. Half the board will call him a bust before preseason is over. And no matter how good he becomes, some will always cry about what could have been.

    Thats just going by the usual response of this boards very passionate fans.

  10. Hiero

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    well you have obviously never seen Slaton or Thompson. Slaton has moves and jukes that Thompson could only dream of. Tyson Thompsons Elusiveness on a scale of 1-100 is probably a 1. Slaton is probably a 100. Plus Slaton is stronger and has much better field vision.

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