Lets set Romo up for his career

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ThatsmyQB, Apr 20, 2008.

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    The reason I have us taking #22 R.B. Stewart then W.R.'s Hardy at #28 and Manningham in round 2 is simple!
    Besides being the bst vlaue and filling needs for noew and the future, just think about Romo!
    He's only been a starter in the NFL for a year and a half, although he seems like a 10 year vet like Tom Brady, we forget he's still young and is only gonna get better.
    Now, it takes W.R.'s about 2 years of learning on the job till they break out in year 3 with "MOST" W.R.'s, not all but a TON as most Fantasy football players know with W.R.'s in year 3.
    So, we need to take W.R.'s NOW so that since T.O. is 35, when he's gone, we keep everything going and don't have a huge learning curver at W.R., so why not take TWO W.R.'s with our top 3 picks so that they can start learning from T.O. NOW and will help us NOW and more importantly in the future.
    Think about our SKILL position players on offense with this draft!
    Oh, this is assuming we get Pacman, which gives us flexibility to wait till round 3 if need be to take another C.B. for more depth!
    So, look at our offensive skill players:
    Q.B. Tony Romo
    R.B. Marion Barber
    R.B. Jonathan Stewart
    W.R. James Hardy
    W.R. Mario Manningham
    T.E. Jason Witten
    T.E. Anthony Fasano
    This is without T.O. and Crayton even though they will be here a few more years also.
    We're looking at now but more importantly who's gonna be here for Romo's SUPERBOWL RUNS the next 5-8 years!
    Our offensive Skill position players would be SET for Romo's CAREER!
    Plus their would be COHESIVENESS which can't be underestimated at all.
    Now, like I said, all of Romo's SKILL position players will all be on the same page and be playing together for Romo's careeer basically, which means what you might ask?
    Simple, it now means for the next 5-8 years, we no longer need to use high draft picks on offensive skill position players since we'd be SET on offense for the next 5-8 years.
    which means, and here's the good part, the we can now spend ALL of our 1st/2nd/3rd round picks EVERY YEAR for the next 5-8 years on only O-lineman and DEFENSE, DEFENSE, and MORE DEFENSE!

    So while Romo is getting in sync with all his skill players he's gonna have the rest of his career, we'll be building through the draft the rest of his career a great O-line and the sickest defense since now all our picks can basically go towards DEFENSE and the O-line!
    Make sense?
    Just think how good, excuse me, AWESOME our defense and O-line is gonna be the next 5-8 years when that's ALL WE'RE DRAFTING with our top picks!
    So, we get our skill poistion players NOW so they can learn while contributing also and Romo can get used to the SAME GUYS at W.R. (which is important) while setting us up to just draft defense the next 5-8 years with our top 3 picks each year with an O-lineman thrown in here and there.
    So we'd have one of the best offenses in the NFL with us using all ou top picks ech year to build and even sicker defense!
    Sound good?

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