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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lqmac1, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. lqmac1

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    I've been a JG supporter, but I think the move is inevitable. Hypothetically, who'd be your candidate for HC & why? Do you get a Lovie or look into a college coach?
  2. XDez88BeastX

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    No Lovie, if you dislike Garrett you'll really hate Lovie I don't get why everybody likes this guy. You'll get the exact same team minus a solid draft. All the other coaches would stay & then look at chicagos past Lovie drafts & tell me how u feel about it. He's an awful head coach
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  3. TTexasTT

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  4. lane

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    i'd try marinelli as hc

    hire chad morris as oc
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  5. ejwilson1984

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    I think Chucky wants to come to Dallas
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  6. mahoneybill

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    Coaching change I'd like to see is Marinelli running the whole D and his picking the DL draft candidates
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  7. mmohican29

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    I don't know who would have the guts to coach this team, tbh. I don't think an air-raid offense would work in the NFL, so I'd lean toward pilfering a rising OC on a successful team.

    I think we're stuck with Garrett. I really do. Maybe someday he gets it.
  8. The Ominous

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    Joke post. The dude took Rex Grossman to the Super Bowl. That team had no business being there, oh other than the fact he controlled that defense and THAT is what took them there. Seriously, you compared him to Garrett???? What's with you Lovie haters comparing him to this bum we have coaching? Lol, he even got fired after WINNING 10 GAMES LAST YEAR. When has RedBull even scratched a winning season, that's right...NEVER.
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  9. perrykemp

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    Marinelli isn't HC material. I live in Michigan and when he head coached the worst team in the entire history of the NFL he showed no special abilities in the HC area.
  10. CowboyStar88

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    I think you bring up someone from the college ranks up. A good young mind that can coach guys up. Doesn't mean you need to run the exact offense they ran in college but a guy who has some skins and could get the players respect.
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  11. links18

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    "I'll take a Lovie." That sounds kinda raunchy.
  12. The Ominous

    The Ominous Dead Man Stalkin

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    Sounds a bit dirty, yet effective haha!
  13. CooterBrown

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    I think JJ would hire Mike Holmgren. Holmgren/Favre was a successful combination. I can see Jerry thinking Holmgren/Romo would work as well. Probably not Gruden, because then if Gruden was successful it would look like Gruden and his staff moved from Tampa Bay and won because of that. The credit would then go to the coach instead of Jerry Jones, which was what really caused the riff between he and Jimmy.

    I personally do not think that Jerry Jones would ever fire Garrett. He swallowed his pride when he hired Parcells, but I do not think he will ever do that again. He has a coach that he likes personally, and one that allows him (JJ) to be the face of the organization. The merchandise still sells well, his team is still the most valuable in the NFL, and he is still the GM. His toy may be broken, but it is still his shiny toy that he doesn't have to share.
  14. lane

    lane The Chairman

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    how about as dc then?
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  15. Ratmatt

    Ratmatt Well-Known Member

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    Knowing Jerry,they'll probably wind up with someone like Norv Turner.
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  16. XDez88BeastX

    XDez88BeastX Active Member

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    HE didn't take Rex gross man to the super owl he had nothing to do with the offense & Marinelli
    That was Ron Rivera's defense smart guy not lovies. & he had nothing to do with Rex gross man and that offense also most of the players from 2006 Smith inherited. Smith didn't do crap, where have the bears been the past what 7 years? One play off? Sounds great more mediocrity
  17. dexternjack

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    If Garrett gets fired and if the only choice is a college coach, give me Kevin Sumlin. Anyone who can turn UH Football into a good program, can coach IMO.
  18. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Why wouldn't you take Lovie Smith?
  19. fatboygixxer

    fatboygixxer Active Member

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    I too have been a Garrett supporter. I love what he's done with this team in both the mental aspect, as well as his work churning our roster to promote constant competition, his guys play hard for him. He has also given us fans hope in the penalty department ad well. The attitude on this team compared to when he took over is night and day. Anyone who disagrees is either blind or just haven't been paying attention IMO..

    But lets face it Garrett is beyond awful when it comes to game management, his lack of experience as a head coach shows far too often.
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  20. Coy

    Coy Well-Known Member

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    I´d go old school, Cowher or Gruden, this team needs a leader more than an x´s and o´s kind of guy so if you can have both why not go for Chucky.

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