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    With all of the free agency talk I think one thing has been put on the backburner this offseason...probably more important than any player we picked up...IT'S THIS....THE UPSIDE OF THE YOUNG GUYS...Since we drafted so well and picked up some UFA's that were young the past three years what is getting ready to happen will probably turn some heads this year...here is the list of young guys that we have that will probably get better...some will get alot better...this team has been built the right way the past few years...we didnt overpay for players every offseason and had enough money to get TO and some others when if we had done what most wanted 3 years ago, we wouldnt been able to do that...

    Witten, James, Spears, Ware, Canty, Ratliff, Thomas Johnson, Burnett, Newman, Roy W, Crayton, Barber, Julius, McBriar

    Those first ones i listed have shown some upside and are going to get better...do you realize how many players we have like that? ALOT more than most teams...Here are some more young players that may or may not get better....we still dont know

    Peterman, Pettiti, Al Johnson, Gurode, Keith Davis, Reeves, Nate Jones, Tucker, Shanle, Fowler, Thornton, Beriault, Romo, Henson

    Pretty amazing if you ask me...we went 9-7 with that many young guys...you guys do know that we are about to make a big jump overall with the guys I just listed....when that happens...not even including the free agency of this year, we are going to be good! Add in the cap room and the players we just got...this team is going to be good...PARCELLS has done a good job here no matter what you may think...you will say that after this year i guarantee you that...especially when we go to the NFC championship game or further...he will come back the next year and the players i have listed right here will be the nucleus of the team...they will get even better...and we will be in a great position to win it all...there are just too many of them with too much upside not to be!
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    Totally agree with the first bunch of young players you listed. In the 2 bunch, Reeves showed quite a bit of improvement later in the 2nd half as it got more playing time & probably replaces A. Glenn in the nickle in another year). another yearbegan to improve Some of the players in the second bunch (particularly Reeves). It will be real interesting to watch all these young players to see how far they can develop in their 2nd year & what kind of players Beriaut, Peterman & Thornton (along with Burnett) and Pettiti become. I don't have high expections for Shanle & Fowler nor for Henson unless he shows well in Europe. Also no sure that Davis can ever be anything more then a really good ST player.
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    Tyson Thompson????????????
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    Who is Thomas Johnson?????
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    The backup nose tackle.

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