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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DBoys, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. DBoys

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    I guess it is time to move on and start discussing our next game.

    Thoughts on matchups and possible exploits?
  2. jrockster77

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    TO and Glenn vs. our secondary w/o Springs is a mismatch -- if Bleedsoe can stay upright, you should slaughter us through the air.

    EDIT: Even with Springs, maybe. Rogers looked terrible last night.
  3. t.o.boys81

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    I agree with you on the TO and Glenn mismatch, but I'm worried about stopping Portis and the Washington running game. We couldn't handle Fred Taylor very well. It should be a really good game.
  4. CalMor

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    When talking Cowboys VS. Skins, throw out everything you think you know becouse it doesnt matter when these two teams take the field. :confused: :eek:
  5. superpunk

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    If we can handle their run game, I think they can be had.

    That said, I think they blow us out.

    (hey, I killed us against the Jags last week. Gotta reverse that karma ;)
  6. apickmans

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    Yeah i pretty much agree with this comment. Especially since this game is so early in the season, although i fully expect the cowboys to come out throwing and us to come out running.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I am sure that Taylor will find a way to lead the way in penalty yardage... thank you in advance
  8. DBoys

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    That'a big IF! :D
  9. Yakuza Rich

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    Dallas is going to have to not be afraid to blitz. Problem is that Washington's offense revolves on running plays on the perimeter and Dallas' defense isn't exactly fast so Parcells and Zimmer may be averse to blitzing in fear of getting burned on the outside. Still, Minny's defense is probably slower than Dallas' and they blitzed more than we did in the Jacksonville game and it worked reasonably well....and they had a rookie nickel CB and rookie FS starting for them.

    Bledsoe was upright and the receivers were open in the Jacksonville game, but he was off on his throws and making bad reads. If we get the same pass protection and open receivers and Bledsoe makes the throws, we are in good shape. If he plays like he did Sunday, it's going to be a long year.

    I kind of feel that Saunders exposed a lot of his gameplan and playbook against the Vikings and the Vikings made good adjustments and Saunders didn't have any answer for that. I also felt that the good news for Skins fans was that early on the schemes and play designs were gaining yardage and points for the Skins. Unfortunately, they needed those schemes and play designs because the execution was rather poor.

    I could honestly see this game turning out in multiple ways....barn burner, blowout Dallas, blowout Washington, defensive struggle, etc.

  10. Tuna Helper

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    Surprisingly, the Redskins didn't look as blitz happy last night due to the problems they had in the secondary. I don't see them attacking with the blitz this week either, though they may throw in some to rattle Bledsoe.

    For the Cowboys on Offense:

    I would minimize the number pass attempts for Bledsoe down to 20. It sounds low, but I think it is achievable. I would take a page out of Minny's book and pound the ball with JJ and MBIII early in the game, even if we get only 2 yards a carry early on. Minny had bigger holes to run through as the game wore on. TO will have double coverage, likely with Rogers and Taylor covering him. Glenn will be single covered, likely by Mike Rumph. Witten will be matched up against a safety. Proileau is likely out for the season, so the Skins are thin at Safety.

    The way I see it, the passing game and TO should only be used to keep the Redskins from putting 8 men in the box. They cannot afford to put 8 men in with both Glenn and TO as wideouts. This should spell success for the running game if the O-line can figure out how to block. TO WILL NOT have a monster day, but Glenn and Witten should see most of the passes coming their way. The key is efficient, time consuming drives that focus on taking advantage of a double-covered TO with the running game. If they single cover TO, and choose to stop the running game, then I would focus on completing short passes to TO. Overall, I see a very conservative game plan that protects Drew Bledsoe and his reportedly ailing back. If any of this works, then Parcells must stick with it until the Redskins prove they can stop it. This regime has a history of moving away from things that work.

    For the Cowboys on Defense:

    I would actually focus on stopping Clinton Portis with Roy in run support, and leave Moss covered with Newman and a rolling safety. I think the key is to put the game in Brunell's hands. I do not believe that they have grasped the entire offensive system that Al Saunders has brought. We played the Chiefs last year and beat them. We focused on stopping Larry Johnson while requiring Trent Green to beat us through the air. I see no reason to do anything differently, though the Chiefs did not have a WR of the quality of Santana Moss. I have a feeling that we will review that game film from last year in preparation for this game. Again, despite what happened last year, I think it is best to put the game in Brunell's hands and force him to beat us while he is still learning his new offense. The situation may be different for the rematch later this year.

    Just my 2 pennies.
  11. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

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    I think if this team can cut down on the mistakes and take better care of the ball we can beat the skins. This time around I would also hope we play for the full 60 min and not 58 like last year.
  12. Cowboy4ever

    Cowboy4ever Well-Known Member

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    The Jags averaged 2.2 ypc.. I think they handled it pretty well. I am not to concerned about the run game of Washington. I am concerned about getting pressure on the QB... we will need to blitz,, or at least run some stunts. I think our CB match up better with their WR than they did against the Jags WR. IF bledsoe can not play like his head is in his butt, we will win this game.
  13. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

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    The thing that has me suspect about this game is the QBs.

    I don't like the fact the Brunell is left handed, is mobile, and scarmbles left when out of the pocket.

    I don't like the fact that something is wrong with Bledsoes back that we may not know about. He can take some hits, no big deal, but, if he throws the ball like he did against Jax, the Boyz are in for a long day.
  14. skinsngibbs4life

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    im very nervous about our secondary. The vikings WR's arn't that good plain and simple. Yet, we couldnt stop them? The boys have 3 or so players better than the vikes best passing option. This could get ugly.

    To tell you the truth, I could see this turning into a high scoring game. I have have feeling that dallas is going to start off strong, and then we will have to counter with a heavy air attack. $.02
  15. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

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    Do that air attack in the last 3 minutes of the game, and you got the "W".
  16. Tuna Helper

    Tuna Helper Benched

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    True, but if you watched Drew Bledsoe last weekend from Quarter 2-4, you would realize that the Redskins secondary has nothing to worry about except making the call on who gets the next INT before they bump into each other.
  17. skinsngibbs4life

    skinsngibbs4life Active Member

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    that was against a heavy rush, the skins showed ZERO of that last night. If we dont get pressure on him, he should be able to have a field.

    (By the way, I just think how funny it is that we are all trying to prove how our own team is worse than the other, and that they are going to do worse on sunday:laugh1: )
  18. KD

    KD Well-Known Member

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    Our OL vs their DL will be big. What unit is worse?

    If the Skins have to blitz to get pressure on Drew, to quote T.O., "it's just a matter of time". Sooner or later it will result in big plays and points.
  19. DallasDomination

    DallasDomination Well-Known Member

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    it's going to be a hard game for both of us. We're both comming off a loss and we're both talented Teams.

    We might have them beat easilly at WR but with Bledsoe at the helm anything can happen. He can throw for over 300 yards and 3 TD's or he can go 3 INT in a terrible game...

    I dont know about the Redskins or why they are playing bad but it's week to week and anything can happen.

    But if all goes well and Bledsoe plays well, not great just well, we shoul;d have this game won by atleast 2 Td's.
  20. KD

    KD Well-Known Member

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    Loser is in a HUGE HOLE.


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