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Lettuce, Tomatos, etc on Hamburgers: Why?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by BigDGarciaFan, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. BigDGarciaFan

    BigDGarciaFan Active Member

    573 Messages
    65 Likes Received
    Hamburgers are the favorite fast food for families to eat. but adding the following like

    yellow American cheese

    just ruins the image of the hamburger. why do we need them as add ons? why not stick with only these

    Tabasco sauce
    mozzarella cheese
    a ting dash of Dijon mustard

    those are much better toppings
  2. Heisenberg

    Heisenberg That gum you like.

    10,792 Messages
    2,694 Likes Received
    For me, pickles and onions are staples of a good burger. When I make them at home, my burger consists of:


  3. viman96

    viman96 Thread Killer

    11,111 Messages
    3,839 Likes Received
    You guys should try 50/50 burgers. Go to your butcher and get ground sirloin and ground bacon. Make your burger patties with equal parts ground beef and ground bacon. Throw on some cheese and what ever else you like for the best bacon cheese burger ever.
    Muhast likes this.

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

    8,312 Messages
    5,950 Likes Received
    Why do we need cups for water. Can't we just go outside and drink it as it falls from the sky? Can I start that thread? Ya!
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  5. Hoofbite

    Hoofbite Well-Known Member

    34,949 Messages
    4,254 Likes Received
    Mustard. Not okay.

    Dijon Mustard? Now I'm listening.

    I'm good with people putting whatever they want on a burger. Seems to have kept me out of trouble thus far.
    RoyTheHammer and CowboyMike like this.
  6. RastaRocket

    RastaRocket Sanka, Ya Dead Mon? Ya Mon.

    6,295 Messages
    639 Likes Received
    Why not? They taste delicious.
    DFWJC likes this.
  7. burmafrd

    burmafrd Benched

    43,820 Messages
    3,379 Likes Received
    some people are really bored.
  8. dargonking999

    dargonking999 DKRandom

    11,934 Messages
    395 Likes Received
    Because people like Lettuce, Tomatoes, onions, pickles, jalepenos, and cheese on there burgers

    People put what they like on a burger, just like you do. Now go watch some football jeez
  9. Phoenix

    Phoenix Well-Known Member

    6,650 Messages
    1,086 Likes Received
    Sigh. Can't we talk about hotdog toppings instead?
    CowboyFan74 likes this.
  10. RoyTheHammer

    RoyTheHammer Well-Known Member

    13,911 Messages
    826 Likes Received
    "Ruins the image of the hamburger"??

    Good grief.. lol.
  11. WV Cowboy

    WV Cowboy Waitin' on the 6th

    11,603 Messages
    1,742 Likes Received
    That's the beauty of cheeseburgers, .. everybody can put whatever they want on theirs.

    I would actually like one with everything you mention above except for the tabasco sauce.

    Add some iced tea, .. and baked beans mixed/stirred together with cottage cheese, and that's a great summertime lunch! (and maybe a pickle and chips)
  12. ologan

    ologan Well-Known Member

    4,028 Messages
    385 Likes Received
    Gotta have your veggies in your diet!
  13. chip_gilkey

    chip_gilkey Well-Known Member

    2,616 Messages
    88 Likes Received
    lol this seriously needed a thread?
  14. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

    17,886 Messages
    3,027 Likes Received
    Meat, cheese, meat, ketchup, meat, bread.

    Perfect burger.
  15. FiveRings

    FiveRings Well-Known Member

    1,767 Messages
    234 Likes Received
    I'm seriously curious as to what the inspiration for this thread was
  16. CowboyFan74

    CowboyFan74 Cowboys Analyst

    16,145 Messages
    2,269 Likes Received

    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

    1,596 Messages
    769 Likes Received
    I like mine simple and made at home. 80/20 mixed with salt, pepper, and fresh garlic only. 1 slice of provolone or muenster, grilled onions & fresh jalapeno slices and a squirt of mustard. I feel the same way about pizza, people put too much crap on them. Give me sausage and onion and leave the rest in the kitchen.
  18. WV Cowboy

    WV Cowboy Waitin' on the 6th

    11,603 Messages
    1,742 Likes Received
    As much as .. 'Beans: why do we eat them'


    Oh, and can I get some opinions on mixing baked beans with cottage cheese.

    Anyone else like this? It is a delicacy and one of my all time favorites. Great with Pizza!

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

    40,886 Messages
    5,665 Likes Received
    I like to mix mine with about a 70/30 mix of Hamburger and Spicy Italian Sausage. Then, you sprinkle with a decent steak seasoning, baste with Teriyaki or Worcesteshire sauce, whichever you prefer, and grill em up. It's nice to take good cuts of bacon and add those but it's not necessary if you don't want to. I also like to brush my hamburger buns with a little butter and just throw them on the grill to brown just a bit. Of course, no burger is complete, in New Mexico, without some decent green chile on it.

    Add just a bit of mustard and that's a perfect burger to me.
  20. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

    26,267 Messages
    7,497 Likes Received
    Has anyone tried a smashburger? I heard they're good.

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