Linebacker is clearly the #1 priority in the draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Galian Beast, Apr 20, 2006.

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    We wanted Willie McGinest, and while we clearly weren't willing to pay what Cleveland paid for him, we sought to pay a lot for a linebacker. Having a serious pass rusher opposite of Ware is the key to unleashing the potential of the 3-4. And clearly they aren't going to settle with Singleton. We made a play for McGinest and thought about Peterson strongly but didn't even attempt at talking to any of the big name safeties.

    We picked up Marcus Coleman at Free Safety, probably because the scout team wasn't really happy with what we could do at free safety in the draft. Not that we won't try to address it, we just didn't want to be in the position we had to reach for a player. Coleman is more than serviceable, and the worst case scenario you still have Keith Davis, and with a more serious pass rush the entire secondary is much better.

    I think at this point fixing the offensive line is still probably a priority over Free Safety, and probably even nose tackle is a priority over free safety.

    Probably something like this

    #1 OLB
    #2 NT & OG/OT
    #4 Free Safety
    #5 Cornerback
    #6 Fullback
    #7 Quarterback

    You have to know that finishing up this front seven is Parcells' biggest priority. It is why we drafted Kevin Burnett, but still signed Akin Ayodele (and then instantly told him that he would be playing the inside).

    P.S. we clearly thought enough of Fabini that we didn't resign Torrin Tucker when we had the chance at matching his offer sheet. We're fairly set at offensive tackle as long as we stay healthy. Same reason why we cut Jacob Rogers. We have potential in both Colombo and in Pettiti as well. Guard is probably a bigger sore spot, but the front office apparently has plenty of faith in Kosier, and probably will let Gurode compete at both C and G.
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    OL is #1 just try to remember what NY DL did to us. Every team in the East has upgraded their DL/LB. They all know Bledsoe is a statue and will blitz the crap out of us. Without an OL, we got ball control, no playoffs and no SB.

    yeah, we got what? what the new G's name? enough said. Recovering Flo......Ouch! Henson/Romo may get their chances to play next yr.
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    I would love to have a look at the Cowboys draft board right now.
    The rankings of the lb's,s,and cb's.
    I have a hard time believing we roll the dice and take Antonio Cromartie at 18 or another cb there.
    There really is no safety worth taking at the 18th spot either(Huff should be gone).
    The best value is probably going to be OLB.
    From everything I am reading and hearing right now I think Wimberly goes before Lawson in this draft.
    I also think guys like Justice,Ngata and Bunkley are gone also.
    Lawson could be iffy also.
    If any of those 5 players are still there at 18 I would have a hard time trading out of that spot.
    Kiper has come off his prediction of Jason Allen going to us at 18 and now has mentioned Lawson as a good possibility.
    I'd say the next best value at 18 would be Jonathan Joseph-cb-South Carolina after those first 5 I mentioned.
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    It sounds like the concensus is we're going with an outside linebacker in the first and Manny Lawson seems like the best possible choice - if we can get him. Can anyone tell me why we seem to giving up on Singleton? Is he just not suited for a 3-4 or something?

    I hope we go with a guard in the second. We need someone to push Kosier and/or possibly replace Rivera. (Charles Spencer looks pretty good). While right tackle isn't super strong, I think Bill has the personal he wants there for next year. After the second, another nosetackle would be nice, maybe like the guy from Stanford...?
  5. Galian Beast

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    Dallas believes they have fixed the offensive line enough to warrant us being a contender.

    Fabini is a huge upgrade over Tucker or Pettiti.

    No offensive linemen we draft this year is going to seriously help us THIS year.

    Dallas paid Kosier big money, apparently they've seen something in him. and apparently it isn't a shocker to some that he got paid as much as he did. Shefter completely called it.

    You didn't see us go after Hutchinson did you? Why do you think that is?

    Flozell is apparently 100%, and Rivera is much healthier than last year. Expect Al Johnson to be tougher this year too. I mean last year we we're pretty good expect with the weaknesses in the run support. That is until flo went down.

    You add Flozell back again, add a more mobile guard in kosier, add a tougher al johnson and more experience, add a healthy Rivera, and add a huge upgrade in Fabini...

    This offensive line is better than most think.

    We RELEASED Larry Allen... don't forget that...

    Tucker - Allen - Johnson - Rivera (injured) - Pettiti (semi injured)


    Flozell Adams (pro bowler) - Kosier (more mobile) - Johnson (more experienced) - Rivera (healthy) - Fabini (huge upgrade)
  6. Galian Beast

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    Jeff, Singleton is not built for the 3-4. He is too small for the inside, and he is not fast enough for the outside. He is essentially useless. He is somewhat serviceable ofcourse, but they'll use him as a backup in his last year.

    Rivera has one more year left too. That is the only reason why I think we might draft a guard. Unless Rivera has a great year, his playing time with Dallas is over. Fabini isn't a pro bowl tackle, but he is right under that level. He is pretty damn good. Just ask Kevin Mawae or Curtis Martin. Easily the Jets second base linemen next to Mawae.
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    Singleton is what he is. He can stop the run, but he can't rush the passer and he isn't getting any younger. We need more talent at LB'er running a 3-4 defense.

    Agree. I think drafting a guard during day 1, preferably in rounds 2 or 3, should be a big priority.
  8. jeff

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    Thanks for clearing up Singleton. I always thought he was pretty good, but apparently it's time to move on. I kind of thought we reached on Burnett last year. If we get an OL this year, do you try to move Burnett inside or what?

    On the guard situation, we may be good for this year, but it would be nice to think more than one year ahead.
  9. SilverStarCowboy

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    I like the acessment, DT is a high priority I agree, so is OG. But I'm thinking LB might not be as important in the early rounds as some of the other positions like FS.

    There are alot of second day prospects at LB in this draft who will have a chance to start.
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    LB isn't the biggest need. It's just one of the top 5 questions on the team right now:

    OLB - Burnett/Singleton?
    FS - Davis/Coleman?
    RT - Fabini/Petitti?

    Each of those 5 positions could all be immensely upgraded in the draft with picks #1-#3.
    Burnett and Kosier have the best chances of panning out leaving FS,T,and NT as the areas of most need.
  11. KD

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    ^^^^ Great Post agree 100%. ^^^^
  12. Galian Beast

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    If you look at the confidence the front office has in the players we have, you can pretty easily tell what we're thinking.

    OLB - We tried to upgrade with McGinest, but didn't want to pay that much for him. Singleton is NOT the expected starter.

    FS - Davis isn't the expected starter, that is why we went out and got Coleman, to hedge our bets.

    RT - Fabini is the expected starter. We probably wanted Backus, but we still didn't make a play for him, nor did we try trading for a tackle. Fabini is going to be better than anyone in the draft for this year.

    Guard - We went out and signed Kosier on the first day. If we wanted a huge upgrade at guard, we would have spent the money to get hutchinson.

    Nose Tackle - We released La'Roi Glover. We didn't have to, but we did. That should tell you what our plans are at nose tackle.

    P.S. outside linebacker is the only position we tried to upgrade this year, and simply did not. That is because we felt that we could get something in the draft. Why do you think we signed coleman BEFORE the draft, and not afterwards?
  13. Smith22

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    OLB We have a young player drafted in the 2nd round last year coming off an injury. Don't think they give up on him or waste 2 #1's and a second round draft pick in two years on OLB's.

    FS We need a upgrade here but bringing back Davis and getting Coleman decrease the chance of drafting a FS in the first two rounds when projects with huge upside like Pat Wakins will be there at pick 80.

    RT We are okay here. Competition between Rob and Marco should be good.

    LT Huge need. Flozell will be 32 soon and we have no back up or player for the future here. Could hurt us worse than it did last year if he goes down again.

    G Good depth but not great players. I think we give Peterman one more year to pan out.

    NT Another big need. Could take a player in any round except round 1 unless Ngata slides.

    WR With T.O. and Glenn approching 34 fast, speed, talent and youth are needed in a big way.

    Needs are ....

    1. LT
    3. DT
    5. LB
  15. SilverStarCowboy

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    I think there is something with all the contact Dallas has with Jon Scott OT Texas. Dallas could trade down and land Scott then trade up and land DT Gabe Watson and take our FS in the 3rd.

    The second tier LBs are not a bad group including Mark Anderson, Stanley McClover and Spencer Havner.
  16. jeff

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    I think WR would be a good pick up around the third round. I read where someone was projecting us to get Demetrius Williams from Oregon in the 3rd and he looked pretty interesting (although I really don't know much about him). Anyway, here's how I think it should go:
    1. OLB - Manny Lawson
    2. OG - Charles Spenser
    3. WR - Demetrius Williams or some gigantic NT
  17. KD

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    That sounds good to me. Get a young LT to groom behind Adams and pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd.

    At 18 if Justice is not there ( probably won't be ) trading back, picking the best LT on our board and an extra pick would be ideal.

    Edit * Was talking about SilverStar's post. *

    A linebacker in the 3rd would be good for depth purposes.
  18. BigWillie

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    Honestly, and I know I'm in the minority here, but I do not believe we will take a DT, at least not high in the draft.

    Last season two guys who were playing regularly and producing well before getting injured were Jay Ratliff and Thomas Johnson. Lets be honest, Jay Ratliff looked like starting material and a late round steal before he was injured. Pepper was solid all throughout TC and the preseason and early in the season as well.

    With the ability and size of Canty and Spears to slide over and play DT when needed, I'm not exactly high on drafting a DT/NT that early in the draft.

    Now if you want to wait until around round 5 and a player like Steve Fifita from Utah is there, I say draft him and smile about getting a player molded for the 3-4. Fifita is an absolute monster in the strength department and provides that short, powerful, big body you want in a 3-4 NT.
  19. SilverStarCowboy

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    Nobody knows what Bill and Jerry are thinking but 3/4 NT has to be atop the priority list. There is not a true 3/4 NT on the roster.
  20. jeff

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    Fifita's bio:

    Extremely strong...A wide load who is very disruptive in the middle...Has a great motor...Plays with excellent leverage...Can stuff the run and take on multiple blockers...Is able to get some penetration...An experienced three-year starter.

    Does not have the height you look for...Inconsistent...Is not a great natural pass rusher and won't rack up many sacks...Has a bit of a hard time with massive offensive linemen...Stamina could be a concern...Won't be a fit for every team.

    Last name is pronounced "fee-feeta"...Strongest player on the team with a 675 lb. squat and 460 lb. bench press...Underrated player who could excel as a nose guard in the pros under the right circumstances...Need to be in the right scheme

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