Linehan at Valley Ranch; Close to 'Done Deal'

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CoachHodnett, Jan 27, 2014.

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    @fishsports: Scott Linehan's time at Valley Ranch has moved beyond 'interview stage.' Presence in #Cowboys coaching wing suggests closing in on done deal
  2. Chocolate Lab

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    In other news, Archer supposedly texted in to ESPN Dallas that Callahan's supposed Cleveland gig is "BS".

    So this should get interesting.
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  3. Gaede

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    What fun!!
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  4. SDCowboy85

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    So would be officially be the OC or just the "play caller"?
  5. Supercowboy1986

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    They confirmed the signing on 105.3 the fan
  6. Aven8

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    Are we handing out free cowboys gear for him to wear only to not give him a contract and he goes to another team? :p
  7. Gaede

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    We cycle through assistant coaches like nobody's business
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  9. NJ22

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    Who knows anymore with this team? But For what it is worth I think it is an upgrade from callahan only for the reason of scheme continuety. Callahan is a west coast offense guy calling plays in an offense that is not his specailty. I am not expecting the greatest show on turf here but I think IF they give him full play calling responsibilities it will improve the run pass ratio and help with common sense play calling late in games. We will see. Dont plan any parades just yet.
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  11. Redball Express

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    Here's what I think..

    Garrett is finally getting to build his own staff.

    what a concept?

    Its about time Garrett was allowed to take his diapers off.

    As a famous Cowboys coach once said..

    ' if you expect me to cook the meal, at least let me shop for the groceries'..

    Get to cooking, Garrett.
  12. Tawney88

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    IF this is the coaches call, I'm cool with it because his staff should be his call. Hire anyone he wants or thinks can help him succeed and Fire anyone that hinders his vision. Often times Jerry gets involved and derails this process, and that's why we have a dysfunctional organizational structure
  13. Double Trouble

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    Classic Jerry Jones idiocy. Would be a blast to watch if it were another team.
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  14. BrassCowboy

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    'Like' is not enough to say how right this post is
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  15. Tawney88

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    I appreciate that.
  16. 17yearsandcounting

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    Rearrange the deck chairs, boys.

    Hope Linehan only plans on renting in the area.
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  17. ABQcowboyJR

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    Can't say i'm very broken up if Callahan leaves. Laters.
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  18. casmith07

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    All the "Callahan will stay" talk is positive PR stuff.

    This is a graceful firing. Linehan will become the offensive coordinator and Callahan will get a job with Cleveland or elsewhere and the Cowboys will not stop him from leaving.
  19. theSHOW

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    What is this rumor of Calahan leaving, Could it be true. Good news comes in bunches. Ok, I know he is staying. And so is Kiffin. Great hire if we can get a playcaller that calls plays that help the team.
  20. chicago JK

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    I really don't care who the asst coaches and position coaches are. There are tons of good coaches out there....the cowboys I am sure have some good ones on their staff. In all honesty, a lot of times it is the right guy and the right place and time. All of this is window dressing IMO. Maybe they stumble into a home run but in all likelihood they are adding just another solid coach. I am much more worried about getting the talent level back to top 10 level instead of seeing the team overall talent get worse each year.

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