List of 06 traded picks and conditional picks

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    NFL Draft '06 Traded Picks
    Updated 1/12

    1st Round
    Denver from Washington - pre-draft 2005 trade

    3rd Round
    Houston from New Orleans - 2005 draft day trade
    New England from Baltimore - 2005 draft day trade
    Buffalo from Tennessee – RB Travis Henry

    4th Round
    N.Y. Jets fron Kansas City - Head coach Herman Edwards
    Denver from Washington - pre-draft 2005 trade
    New England from Detroit - 2005 draft trade
    Philadelphia from Dallas - 2005 draft trade
    Philadelphia from Indianapolis - 2005 draft trade

    5th Round
    Tampa Bay from San Diego if WR Keenan McCardell makes the Pro Bowl in either 2004 or 2005
    New England from Oakland - 2005 draft day trade
    Miami forfeites this pick for DT Manny Wright – NFL Suppelemental Draft ’05 (July '05)

    6th Round
    Dallas from Philadelphia - 2005 draft day trade
    Washington from Carolina - WR Rod Gardner
    Kansas City from Dallas - LB Scott Fujita

    7th Round
    Carolina from Denver for punter Todd Sauerbrun in exchange also for punter Jason Baker.

    Conditional Selections

    San Franciso from Tampa Bay - QB Tim Rattay
    San Diego from Minnesota - OG Toniu Fonoti
    San Diego from Miami along with QB A.J. Feeley for QB Chet Lemon
    Miami from New Orleans - RB Jess Chatman
    San Francisco from Jacksonville - LB Jamie Winborn
    Miami from Chicago - plus TE John Owens for LB Brendon AJanbadejo
    Chicago from Seattle - DE Alain Kashama
    N.Y. Jets from Detroit - safety Jon McGraw
    Tennessee from Indianapolis - LB Rocky Calmus
    Green Bay Packers from N.Y. Jets - OL Steve Morley

    NFL Draft '07
    Conditional Selections
    Kansas City from Dallas - LB Scott Fujita

    So we don't have a 4th but we do have a 6th gained one and lost one. I hope we traded our 6th to KC and kept the 6th we got from Philly.

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