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  1. Zaxor

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    The guy has awful footwork...stiff hips and I really have my doubts the guy can play either tackle position
  2. BAT

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    He's extremely tall, but I have always thought he would make a better pro at Guard.
  3. BrAinPaiNt

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    I just got done watching the WVU vs Oklahoma fiesta bowl again. Loadholt was really a weakness for his team on that day. People complain that Flo has trouble with speedy defenders coming around the edge...Loadholt was getting abused. Now that was a couple of years ago so maybe he has improved but I think if you want an O-Lineman from OU you are better served with Duke. (insert duh here)

    For those interested.


    In the search bar put in Fiesta Bowl.

    They have the WVU VS OU and the Boise State VS OU...two great bowl games.
  4. dcfanatic

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    He's definitely not a Left Tackle in the NFL.
  5. rangers71

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    Yeah he will get exposed in the NFL. He had trouble with speed rushers in college. The only time he could stop them was by holding them all day.
  6. TheCount

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    I want him at guard, wouldn't consider him at tackle.
  7. Cowboy06

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    I agree, that's all we need is Flo with his false starts and Load with his holding...

    I say no to both of them...:lmao2:
  8. Randy White

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    is a natural right tackle and nothing else. That's his strength and it's also his weakness.

    As a RT, he engulfs pass rushers. When he lines up at RT, the pass rushers tend to disappear, like if they enter a black hole or something. Apparently he's a strong right handed person, meaning he's much more flexible with with his right hand/left foot than he is with his left hand/right foot.

    As a LT he's like a fish out of water. It looks like his brain is telling him " go go go " and his body is telling him " uh nope ".

    I wouldn't want him as a guard either. He's not fluid enought to be a guard and he's very tall. Tyrone Green, from Auburn, would be a much better guard than Loadholt and he could be had in the later part of the draft, if that's what's needed. Loadholt teammate ( Robinson ) would also be a better prospect at guard than he would.

    I'd still try to get Loadholt, though, because he could become a dominant RT in the NFL. It's just that he's not cut out to play other positions.

  9. dbair1967

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    I've never been impressed with him. He has bust written all over him IMO.
  10. Garret

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    We should draft Rylan Reed out of tech. The guy is very strong and also moves very well. He prob needs to get better at run blocking but he is a very good pass blocker.
  11. 28 Joker

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    His off the field trouble says he's risky in that regard, too. I agree he looks like a RT to me, too. That's what most reports say. Scott Wright says he could play LT, but RT is probably going to be his best position. I wouldn't play him at guard.

    He could be a swing guy, but RT is his best spot, imo. I think Dallas, Pittsburgh, and the Bears would all be interested. From a physical standpoint, he's gifted if you like big, strong offensive linemen.

    I don't think I would draft him at # 51, but in round three, you would have to consider it. He's strong enough where he could play for Adams if he got hurt. You could give him help.
  12. Bob Sacamano

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    never been really impressed with the guy, if we really want an Oklahoma Olineman, just wait till next year, they have an OT who returned who has more potential than both Loadholt and Robinson

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