Long, long time Cowboy gurus

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TTexasTT, Jan 8, 2014.

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    I was going to say, I thought he was a national javelin champion, maybe even a collegiate record holder for a while. Which I always thought was so cool.
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    I, personally, think Stallworth should have been the MVP of SB XIV...If Nolan Cromwell catches the Pick 6 Bradshaw practically handed him, SB XIV may very well have been a Rams victory...There was nothing between Nolan and the endzone but green grass...Bradshaw had a poor game in some respects throwing 3 pics and Swann got hurt...Stallworth made two beautiful catches, one for a TD that put the Steelers head 24-19, and another that set up Franco for another TD to seal the win...That is the thing that gets me most, the Steelers "squeaked by" in all of their 4 title matches in the 70s, maybe SB IX is different since the Steelers defense did do a number on Minnesota's offense...
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    I loved watching the Raiders \ Steelers games back then...two dirty teams beating the crap out of each other...The 70s were an awesome decade for the NFL...
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    Very nice tribute thread for one of the most hated Dallas opponents in my life time. Bradshaw was a true villain versus the Cowboys but you had to admire his attributes as a football player. Great job, guys!

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    I don't know. Steelers won that game 31 to 19 (Super Bowl IX), They won Super Bowl XL 21 to 10 (Seattle). It's hard for me to say that the Steelers couldn't have won those games going away but I understand what you are saying. Certainly in their other 4 wins, a play here or there and they lose those games.
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    I go back a few years before you. I had a scrap book of the Cowboys from the late 60's. The only highlights we would see on tv were from halftime on Monday Night Football. Howard Cosell would bring the big plays of the week to life. My scrap book was filled with glossy pics from Sports Illistrated and Sport mag. Other than these you had an occasionally newpaper photo. I remember the 1st Super Bowl we dominated the Colts. But as luck would have it (get it?, A. Luck) the Baltimore Colts had Jim O'Brian lined up for a 33 yard field goal. Chuck Howley was the SB MVP and he and the boys all jumped on each others back to try to block the kick. This photo made the cover of SI. When the Steelers beat the Cowboys I was so mad. We went outside and played football during halftime and in the dark after the game. In those days we did not have cable tv. We only recieved 3 television stations. My mom would be attempting to use the electric knife to carve the ham during the games for our dinner. This happened many nights as the Cowboys always played the late game on national tv. (no Sunday Night Football) Anyhow, mom would want to slice the meat and my father and us boys would all yell at her to stop because the TV would go static ... this memory is hilarious. poor mom in the kitchen..we were hungry but wanted to see the end of the game.
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    Terry has been an Aikman fan right from the start...I think Bradshaw saw a little of himself in the way Troy played the game...Aikman was definitely the better overall QB no doubt and Terry has always been complimentary of Troy...
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    Ha ha man, I can remember having very few channels as well. I'm pretty sure it was more than 3 but it wasn't much when I was little. We too had a very similar static issue whenever mom ran something in the kitchen. That was rare though as most of the time mom was/is right there watching with us.

    When Dallas played on Monday nights I was allowed to watch up to half time and I'd have to go to bed. In the morning there was always a note next to my bed with the details of the second half and the final score. That was a hell of a tone setter for the rest of the day depending on the outcome. Good memories, thanks for sharing some of yours.
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    Bradshaw's Hall of Fame induction speech was just great. Real emotion, very well spoken. Certainly raised my opinion of him.
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    One of the best SBs ever was 13 and the loss to the Steelers. Incredible game. Bradshaw was great because he was tough and he had a cannon for an arm. If you have Swann and Stallworth you have to get the ball downfield and Bradshaw was great on getting it deep to them or putting it where he knew oy they could get it. I started watching in 75, right when all of this got going and there were no better "stacked" teams.
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    Did you do one for SB 12? I still have mine. My favorite headline from the 77 playoffs comes from the DMN: "Payton Place Was in Shambles," after Dallas beat Chicago. This is the SI cover:


    I had scrapbook for the Dallas-Miami SB but I lost it.
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    What about the tin foil on the rabbit ears? Good memories.

    The guy that comes to my mind when I think of Bradshaw is Favre.
    Both would just wing it at times, were gutsy and gritty, would never give up, and could be counted on to lead their team to a win in any situation.
    Both also made bonehead plays, and had fun with the game.
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    Good list... I would have thrown Dan Pastorini and Brian Sipe in there too.
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    I hated the Steelers then and hate them even more now. I think Flacco and Big Ben are very good comparisons to Terry Bradshaw. Both need a strong supporting cast to be successful. Bradshaw also needed a ton of help from his supporting cast to win games. He had one of the best running games ever and one of the best defenses of all time to bail him out. He also had two of the best receivers of that era to go up and haul in errant passes (which many of Bradshaw's passes were by the way). Then to top it all off he probably had even more luck than Eli manning in big games and the officials in his back pocket. He probably should have lost 3 of the 4 Super Bowls that he won.

    It's unfortunate the way things played out, but That 1977 through 1979 Cowboys team was one of the best ever and had it not been for just a few bad officiating calls and bad breaks they would be considered the best ever team and would have many more of their players in the Hall of Fame.
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    1000 likes for you sir. The above paragraph is the absolute truth.
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    fouts and brian sipe wasnt to bad either
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    You gotta remember it was a different game in those days. Teams still won by running the ball and a defense could still control a game. Bradshaw might not have been the best ever but he had a strong arm and could make the throws he needed to make.
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    I love hearing the long time salty guys talking about back in the day. When I watch footage of the really old days its almost unbelievable how much things have changed. Even the uniforms... Now they are all shiney and streamlined looking. The old shoulder pads looked all bulky with the jersey not covering the whole stomach. The helmet just had a few bars on it.... My father isnt around anymore and even though he was a bigtime football fan he was from Mississippi and wasnt much of a Dallas fan. More of a college guy. I do remember him saying that he thought Fran Tarkenton was the greatest QB he remembered seeing play.
    Any of you guys been around long enough to remember seeing Don Meredith play?
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    He was and remains a clown. He was no super QB but a very capable player who could will his team to move downfield. He had clutch receivers and a feared defense. He could be awkward moving in the backfield but he could also be slippery, as I recall.
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    Funny you ask about Meredith. I think Bradshaw and Meredith were very similar QBs. But, just my opinion on Bradshaw: he was pretty good in pressure games. Strong arm, tough guy, smart guy. Not a bus driver. He wasn't ready for the NFL when he came from La Tech, but after a couple years he emerged as one of the best of his era. Yes, the Steelers got lucky in a couple of games, but that is part of the game.

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