Long time cowboys fan. ...living in Texas now...

Discussion in 'New Members Zone' started by CowboyFan4Eva, Sep 23, 2013.

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    I am not a happy fan. I complain alot. Pessimistic by nature. I try and be objective. But it's hard. I love the cowboys.....although, Im tough on the cowboys because i want to see them win, badly.

    I do my best to be objective.....

    I signed up, becuase 3 games into the season, i see a real difference in on-field performance and execution, they look .......tough. And it seems to be an organizational process upgrade, no any individual player.... But , we probably arent "there"just yet......They will probably win the NFC East by default although it wont be as easy as it seems right how, 3 games into the season. But. I will be surprised if we don't win the East. Which means a playoff appearance........if we can just win one playoff game, agaisnt a sound tough playoff caliber team, i think that will be a good season for this cowboys team........it's been a long long time....the organization has to learn how to win again. And expect to win.....we just may be on our way....

    I am predicting 2 straight losses. Getting beat by SD an DEnver......yeah we may get one of those games....but....2 -3 in a few weeks is a real possibility........it won't surprise me......im more concerned about how they play those games....their execution and discipline. Etc etc........i am a firm beleiver in top down organizational success. Not in individual......."super stars" ,..........

    Cowboys 4 ever. Thick and thin.
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    You should fit in. :) Welcome!
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    Call yourself a "realist" and join the crowd.
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    WELCOME! :)
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