Longtime TE coach to Cowboys' Rico Gathers: 'You're about to bring havoc to the NFL'

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    By Jon Machota, Staff Writer Contact Jon Machotaon Twitter:mad:**********

    Before longtime NFL tight ends coach Mike Pope stepped away from football earlier this year, he gave Cowboys second-year tight end Rico Gathers some high praise.

    Pope, a four-time Super Bowl champion, spent the last three seasons in Dallas. He worked for the New York Giants before that for 23 years. Pope also made stops in Cincinnati, New England and Washington.

    So what was his message to Gathers?

    "You're about to bring havoc to the NFL because there are no guys out there that are as tough as you," the former Baylor basketball star recently told SportsDay. "There are no guys out there that work harder than you. You got a work ethic that the NFL is really lacking. As long as you keep that work ethic up you're going to be great, you're going to be a Pro Bowl tight end, you're going to be a great tight end."
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    So basically all signs point to us drafting a TE at this point.
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    In the 2nd round :grin:
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    Pope calling out modern day players' work ethic (or lack thereof) it seemed while also praising Rico.
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    I'd really appreciate all of these quotes from players and coaches more if they were coming from the actual players and coaches and not Rico himself! lol. What's the next one, "Gronk called me up the other day and was asking for pointers"
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    I like that he speaks like Jimmy.

    No, not Johnson...

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    So, is Witten about to be the #2WR? Rico is going to take his job? :huh: Good luck with that.
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    A 290 pound TE, couple of biscuits short of an OL.
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    said it before, I'd really like to see Gathers get work as a defensive linemen with his size, quickness and length....
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    talk about over hyped
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    We should do a poll about which player will take over the league more next year, Gathers or Tapper?
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    For next season I'll set the over/under on how many times Gathers scores a TD the play after a Tapper strip sack at 6.

    I go over.
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    I have no problem with Rico and really not sure why some fans seem to be against him? He is a big, strong and athletic and believe it or not you can learn the game of football is not rocket science. The kid has been putting in the work and yet some find it entertaining to put him down? I look forward to seeing this young man make a lot of critics look like fools.
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    He'll be OL before its all over. If we're lucky he can have a Jeremy Parnell type career.
  17. HoosierCowboy

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    yes, in the second round--he'll be here four years and catch about 15 passes.
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    LOL! Rico's been watching him play..likes what he sees!
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    Believe it when I see it. But I hope so.
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    Well Rico will need someone behind not getting any snaps lol

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