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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by bsheeern, Oct 25, 2005.

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    Since I'm sick of all this negative talk, I decided to go back into the archives and look back at a prediction I made about the season. Probably should have posted this after the Eagles game, but I've been reluctant to do it cause I didn't want people to think I'm trying to blow my own horn.(which I'm obviously doing)

    Originally Posted by Eddie
    Fletch, I heard the same "close the gap" nonsense after the vaunted 2002 draft where we had an OUTSTANDING draft. Look where it's gotten us.

    When 'experts' blast our drafts and off season moves, you guys cry, "You can't rate a draft for at least 3 years". But yet, you're ready to lift the lombardi trophy after our STELLAR 2005 draft.

    I think I'll hold the handshakes and back patting until we actually do something in the playoffs.

    I have pride, but I'm not blinded by rose colored glasses.

    All this hugging and self congratulatory stuff is hard to take.

    That's funny your comparing a Bill Parcell's draft to a Jerry Jones/Dave Campo draft. Look man were better team than we've been since Troy retired. O-line is solid, D-line is solid, RB is the best we've had since 22, WR are vets, and gamers, poeple you can count on, QB is better than what we've had since Troy. Good LB core, Very good TE, best since Jay. Secondary is 100 times better than what we've had in 5+years. Punter is good, Kicker is decent, and we've got one of the best coaches of all time.

    We've even got experience at the FS posistion if Davis or Scott aren't the answer. You don't have to be great in today's nfl at every posistion to win. you have to be good and have a bunch of good leaders who can handle the pressure of a tight situation.
    I gurantee we will definately give the eagles two of their tougher games this year, and should win one of them. We will win atleast 10 games and be atleast a wild card unless we have 2-3 key injuries. Bledsoe, WR Corps (including Witten), and the OL will kill us if they go down. The rest of the team has decent backups and can fill in for 3-5 games if needed.

    Just call me Nors JR for the rest of the day.LOL
    Seriously though I still like me predictions.
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    Like I've always said .. in the offseason fans love to boast about their level headed approach and guarded optimism .... Then proceed to freak out when those cautious expectations come to fruition in the regular season.
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    nice call

    I had us pegged for 10 wins and playoffs. Hang on, this is going to be rocky!
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    I just wish mr Eagle talon would show up more
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    Not sure what this thread is about, but our last draft was great, provided several future key pieces on D and a few on Offense. Theres nothing wrong with proclaiming this draft a success. Its certainly not a failure of a draft.

    i think some pple see this D and suspect the O will conform, when in fact we don't have the talent on the Oline that we do have on D. Another draft like this focusing on O will produce the same results and result in a very good team top to bottom.

    The losing games now is caused in part by the Youth learning to play the game. That youth will soon be savy vets with tons of experience in playing close ball games and they will know how to close these out. That should happen right around the time the new young offense is breaking out of its old ways and learning to win close ball games, all about 2 years from now I would wager.

    Check back in two years and see if our play calling is conservative or if we are still playing 56 minutes of a 60 minute game. I bet neither will be the case, though nothing will have really changed. Winning makes a good man look great and losing can cost a good man his head. But staying with the program once its all mapped out is the key here. Stay the course and let the young guys mature into ball players and we are golden.
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    It's more about the fact that a writer wrote an article about us catching the Eagles and a lot of people wrote him off as an idiot. Some people tried to compare this draft to the 02 draft and I wasn't seeing it. I really felt this would be a good team that would only get better as the season wore on.
    Well here we are 2 months into the season and I still stand by my predictions and I'm willing to see them through.

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