Looking for a New TV before football season

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by FloridaRob, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. FloridaRob

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    So my 62" ten year old DLP is on its last legs so I have to decide in the next five weeks what TV to get. I have done my research and it looks like it is down to a 65 inch Panasonic Plasma ST series or a 60 inch Sharp LED TV.

    Does anybody have either of these and give me a heads up to any issues with them. Both have 3-D and I am not sure if I want to have that but I have to say I watched a college game on 3D and it was different.

    I am putting it the family room which is pretty well lit but I rarely if ever watch TV during the day so I am not too concerned about the lighting problems.

    The TVs range between $1600 and $2000 so Price is not too significantly different.

    I use DirecTV for HD service and seems to work just fine with the 720 HD picture I get now. Can't wait to see a 1080 up close and personal. Is it really that different??? .

    Has anyone bought a TV online before. I have checked PaulsTV (I don't think it is the same guy that broadcast preseason games) and Amazon but Amazon is usually higher than I find it at Bestbuy. Any information you guys have with either will be appreciated or maybe make another recommendation.

    Got to get it hooked up and on the wall by the first game so I have a little over five weeks....
  2. baj1dallas

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    1080 is pretty significantly different. It's like watching a soap opera. Things look different when they move relative to the camera. You get used to it pretty quickly though.
  3. BigDinAZ

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    I own 4 TV's that are 50" or larger. ALL of them are Panasonic Viera. I have an S-Series, an ST-Series, a GT-Series and a VT-Series.


    In listed order. For the money they are the best, IMO. I am VERY touchy about my TV's. My wife hates it, and Best Buy loves it (I'm Platinum Rewardzone! :) )

    Samsung is going to be top of the line, but IMO the Panasonic Viera's are dead equal in picture. I have had ZERO issues with my Viera's. Full HD Direct TV, Blue-Ray, XBOX setup with Pioneer Elite surround.

    Can't go wrong with Panasonic Viera!! 1080P 600hz all the way!

    Also, with regards to your comments on 3D.... Even with all of the above, I do NOT watch anything in 3D even though my Panasonic Blue-Ray's are 3D. Having a TV that is 3D (On the ST-Series and up) basically gives you dual processors. If your not watching 3D, it just gives your standard HD picture that much more processing power.
  4. JBond

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    You didn't mention Samsung, but I just picked up a 60" for $1350 at Costco. Very happy for the money. Offer is good until Aug 8th. Includes a two year warranty.
  5. BigDinAZ

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  6. FloridaRob

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    Is there a big difference in picture quality between the ST and the GT series. The Bestbuy people tell me that you can calibrate the ST series to be equal to the GT. I can't afford the VT series at over $3000. Wife would really look at me like I am crazy if I tell her I want that one. Even though my DLP was $3600 when I bought it 10 years ago. But I also made a lot more money 10 years ago than I do now. That same TV is now about $1000. Go figure.
  7. BigDinAZ

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    If you had the two side by side, and they were "tuned" properly, it would be minimal difference. If you can get an ST for a good price... jump on it, IMO.

    My VT is in the living room, and the ST is in my office. If I go from one to the other (watching an HD channel on Direct TV), I couldn't tell the difference.
  8. ChldsPlay

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    1080p is not responsible for the soap opera effect. It's due to frame interpolation. Samsung calls it motion judder reduction. I'm very thankful my set has the option to turn it OFF!

    1080p should be a noticeable improvement on 720p when you're talking about TV's in the 60" range.
  9. BigDinAZ

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    I'm with you 100%!! Panasonic has it, and it's called "True Motion" I believe. Thank god you can turn it off in the settings.

    Worst invention ever!!!!!
  10. MonsterD

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    Ok that is what I turned off in my Samsung, it was the thing that compensates for blurriness and makes a bizarre "pan and scan effect". That reminds me of European TV and their weird frame rates on normal video recording.
  11. BigDinAZ

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    Yes, you are correct. It actually slows the picture down, and gives it that weird effect.

    The refresh rate is also key (Which is my I will never own an LCD)

    LCD is typically 120hz
    Plasma is usually 480hz or 600hz

    LCD = Better for slower more still images. I tell people they work great for video games, because they don't burn as hot.

    Plasma = Better for live sports and fast passed pictures (i.e. action movies)
  12. VietCowboy

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    Too bad you weren't in the market several months ago. Target has the BEST clearance TV's usually March - May each year. Got my 55'' Panny Viera for $380 back in the end of May (50% off retail, then another 30% off for open box).
  13. a_minimalist

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    Do yourself a favor and get a 1080p LED, not a Plasma or LCD. The picture quality is significantly better than both.
  14. dexternjack

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    I have a 55" panasonic viera smart TV (plasma). It is probably the best TV I have had, picture is great and in your price range.
  15. Meat-O-Rama

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    I've got a 55" Panasonic Plasma and DirecTV and the picture is fantastic.

    I got a smokin' Deal from Dell Electronics online of all places. I've since bought a couple of other smaller TVs from them and they replaced one very quickly no questions asked when I had issues with the picture.
  16. StarBoyz83

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    Funny how much cheaper tva are now i got my samsung lcd 46" 3 years ago for $1700. If you want to play video games on this tv dont get a plasma!!!
  17. Mash

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    Best bang for your buck and rated top PQ.......Panasonic ST50.......if viewing In a dark environment ...not many windows......the Ut50 has the same picture minus the filter the ST50 has.

    Another option would be the Samsung E6500

    All these TV's are plasma

    Recommend visiting HD Junkie or AVS forums.....

    There are some things you need to remember.....Plasma have Image retention issues but the more hr you put on your TV the less your prone to it. Lag time on plasma are better too if your a gamer.

    Don't get tricked into the vibrate look of LCD/lLED.....they are very good good also but you will have to spend a lot of money (Sharp) to get the PQ of a plasma. Also they have the soap opera effect and motion blur :(

    I have been reading for the past 8 months on TV's.....IMHO .....Plasma is the way to go till OLED come down significantly in price.
  18. Duane

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    I've got a 55" Panasonic Plasma in my bedroom and it's great.
  19. JBond

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    LED and LCD are very similar designs regarding the panel. The type of lighting used on the panel is the big difference. After that you need to know if it is edge lit vs. full back lighting. Another key difference is the ability to turn off the lighting to produce better black levels.

    I have four Samsungs and after tuning them properly, which can take some time and money if you are unfamiliar with the process, I can honestly say I love all of them.

    Again the Samsung 60" at Costco is a great deal right now.

  20. Rynie

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    Just STAY AWAY FROM ANY SONY product...and you'll be good. Seriously..SONY sucks!

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