Looking for Anchorage, AK Cowboy fans.

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by nathanlt, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. nathanlt

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    I've recently moved up to Eagle River, AK, and am looking for fellow Dallas Cowboys fans to meet up with. Direct TV may not be an option for me, and I just want to know if there's a local group of fans to meet up with and talk Cowboys. Let me know! Please PM me if you are in the area.
  2. SupermanXx

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    I live in a VAN! DOWN BY THE RIVER!!
  3. kiheikiwi

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    Hey Nathan,I spent 2 seasons up in Anchorage in 99 and 2000. The only option was a sports bar/ resturant I would go to every Sunday.Has the satelite but only place I've been that has problems with sun spots blotting out the satelite - would only last 5-10 mins. but during the game! Be ready to go early, time difference. Cant think of the name of the place, had an out door-section right by a river,lots of TVs - was the only place that advertised games tho. Good luck - Fans from all over,lots of fun!
  4. Etonicas

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    Hello from up north, in Fairbanks.

    I beleive there was at least one member from the Anchorage area around here, but I may be wrong.
  5. Dallas

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    :cool: <============ Anchorage Cowboy Fan w/ Direct TV :bow:

    I sent you a PM bro. Lets hook up sometime and chat up the boys.


  6. silverbear

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    Wow, I envy you... even in the wintertime, I envy you... southern Alaska is just beautiful (nothern Alaska is just barren, I was singularly unimpressed with Denali National Park)... I was born in the Elmendorf AFB hospital, which of course is right outside Anchorage, but that was in 1952 and my Dad was transferred back to the lower 48 in 1954... I took a vacation back there in 1999, and some of my fondest memories of the trip were jaunts up to Wasilla and Palmer...

    The only problem with that area is Wasilla only had one, THREE HOLE golf course (a par 3, a par 4 and a par 5), LOL...

    BTW, you do know the state bird of Alaska is the mosquito, don't you?? And for a little local knowledge, if you haven't tried Matanuska Maid ice cream, put it high on your list of things to do... my Mom had been telling me about the stuff all my life, and when I got a chance to sample it, it was as good as advertised... I also developed quite a taste for reindeer sausage, but you can't find the stuff down here in Virginia... :D
  7. Zaxor

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    They were so thick a swarm on some of my trips that you could cut em with a knife...unreal
  8. mkelly71

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    baskin robbins ice cream way better. and that town u were in have some very nice 18 hole golf couses now that stars have been up here to visit call settler bay golf course. as for the poster i dont know much going on in eagle river but there are a few places in anchorage i know of that cowboys fans go watch the games. i myself have my direc tv season package and my choices to watch the game on my 60 or 110 inch set lol
  9. silverbear

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    Kewl, then I COULD live up there... LOL...

    Actually, I think I'd prefer to live down on the Kenai peninsula... I fell in love with Summit Lake, off the New Seward Highway maybe halfway between Anchorage and Seward...
  10. mkelly71

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    so i see u are not a fan of city life haha. great fishing tho down on the peninsula
  11. Rack Bauer

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    My g'ma, g'pa, aunt, uncle, and some cousins live in or around Soldotna (about 40 mins from Kenai). We g'ma and g'pa have passed, and my uncle now lives here in Laredo, TX, but my aunt and cousins still live up there. Very beautiful country over there. I'd like to retire in a place like that, but I couldn't live there now. I need something around me now that at least closely resembles the 21st century. lol
  12. silverbear

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    If you saw my house, pal, you'd know that for a fact...

    I live back in the woods, a stream runs under my back porch (I mean, UNDER my back porch, the supports for the porch are sunk in the creek bed), and my back yard is a 75 foot cliff... if you look out my front windows, you see the George Washington National Forest, and whole bunch of 50-75 foot trees...

    They just finished paving my road about 3 weeks ago, after 30-odd years of living on a dirt road...

    But I'm not a hunter, and I'm not a fishin' man... I just like the peace and quiet, and I REALLY like having no neighbors... closest one is like 3/4 of a mile down the road...

    It's the only "civilized" way to live...
  13. silverbear

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    Hey, I know where Soldotna is... you're right, it is beautiful country...

    I've made myself a solemn promise that before I kick off this planet, I'm gonna get up north one winter, see the Aurora Borealis...
  14. CactusCowboy

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    I lived with and almost married a girl that was born and raised in Anchorage, very beautiful lady.
  15. Big Country

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    That's sounds absolutely beautiful... I'd love to live in a place like that and surround myself with the peace and quiet...

    Do you have any pics you could show here???
  16. Dallas

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    I got a PM from Nathan. We might hook up soon and dish a bit about the team. Anyone around the area is welcome to drop us a pm anytime.

    I just picked up a new 50" Plasma TV. I cant WAIT to break it in this season.

    Im stoked. Its GORGEOUS ;)

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