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    I've been practicing with a few buddies lately because I've been wanting to form an intramural football team next year. I've never played football before at any level and I want to be able to play some quarterback (and maybe a little wideout) for my team. Now keep in mind before some of you start lecturing me about starting this late without any coaching, I'm not trying to walk on at the University of Texas, I'm just trying to have some fun playing intramural at my school and preferably be halfway decent at it.

    Biggest issue is that I can only get buddies of mine to throw the football with me a couple of days of the week. I've literally had the urge to play that I've been throwing the football to my couch in the living room all day. :laugh2:

    So I've been looking for targets online to be able to throw at. I looked at a tire hanging from a frame but it didn't have a pocket and I live on the water so I need something a little more reasonable. Plus, I would feel way too much like Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights throwing the ball at a tire. ;) Texas forever!

    Here's a couple of catchers I was looking at, they're both 75 x 48 in size. I'm about 6'3-6'4, so I don't know if or how that effects anything. Does anybody think these will work decent for what I need (something to just throw at and practice for the heck of it?) And if there are any other recommendations that'd be great to. I'm looking to take a shot at the intramural football hall of fame guys...:eek::



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