Looks like Eberflus might be staying as LB coach...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by InmanRoshi, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Great news he had the LBers playing some great football... I'm impressed with him!
  2. CowboysPhan

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  3. newlander

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    ....I guess Fisher is gonna hire him for St. Louey if Rod shows up sober and sane. Hey, all joking aside that young Ram D' is GOOD....he fell into a good situation there.
  4. Rack Bauer

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    Pretty sure he is already with the Rams.
  5. Boys122

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    Good, I really didn't want to lose Eberflus. Out of the defensive assistants Henderson and Eberflus were the two I wanted to keep.

    I also liked Baker but if you add a guy like Rod Marinelli then that's enough said. This defensive staff is looking real good. Let's hope we can get the rest of the pieces player wise to be a great defense once again.
  6. Zordon

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    more good news. hopefully something official happens soon before the beached whale wakes up from his nap.
  7. pancakeman

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  8. Erik_H

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    It also good to have some carry over rather than a complete turnover in staff. That way some guys know the players from personal experience and can share opinions. Saves time, can make evaluations better and might help mistakes from being repeated.

    If it's Henderson and Eberflus staying on, I think that would be a good thing.
  9. InmanRoshi

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    Wonder how high on the priority scale Ernie Simms is. He was drafted and coached by Marinelli in Detroit and played above expectations for Eberflus last year. Cowboys are going to need LB depth, Connor likely a cap casualty, McSurdy and Lemon too slow for the 4-3, and Lee/Carter both injury prone.
  10. Zordon

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    sims, albright, wilber needs to step up, and i'm guessing one late FA addition or late draft pick/UDFA. not elite depth but serviceable.
  11. Erik_H

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    I dont think it shocked anyone. It's just that Eberflus was touted heavily by Ryan and it was assumed that he was deep in his camp. Eberflus has also followed Ryan everywhere up to this point. Most figured a sense of friendship/loyalty would play a part. But like I mentioned in another post, the opportunity to hitch himself onto the Kiffen coaching tree could do wonders for his career.

    The news that he's very familiar with the Tampa 2 is a big deal and something that wasn't widely known until the last few days.
  12. Erik_H

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    Ernie Sims would be good to keep. Depends on how his play this year affects his asking price. He may get a starting opportunity somewhere.
  13. Omegasupreme

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    And Tice ran that same obviated offense in Chicago that misused the talent, battered Cutler, claimed that the OLine needed upgrading, and that the Bears did not run the ball enough. The first game this past year on Monday night football was almost like the Phillips Firing Green Bay Destroying of the Dallas offense 41-7 where Dom Capers said "they just kept doing the same thing over and over so we kept blitzing". Cutler was completing passes basically because his receivers were going up and fighting for the ball despite being covered by 2 Packer players. Green Bay knew where the routes were going and had 2-3 DBs in place. The best Chicago success was when they ran the ball.

    Sound familiar?
  14. speedkilz88

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    I doubt it. He's a journeyman at this point and has serious health questions when it comes to concussions.
  15. Ultimategamer5567

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    We're going to see a 4-3 linebacker drafted within the first four rounds. Book it.
  16. Kilyin

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    ... x2
  17. AsthmaField

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    I think we keep Sims and he competes for a spot. The WLB spot in this defense is made for him. He might not be a starter, but he'd certainly be good depth. We definitely need some depth at LB too because I still see Albright as a DE in the Tampa 2 and Wilbur isn't really what you want as an OLB in this scheme. And you're right about McSurdy and Lemon, so I would think that keeping Sims would be a no brainer considering how relatively cheap he should be.

    There going to have to use a late round pick or two on smaller, faster LB's as well.
  18. newlander

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    ...I've pointed out his concussion issue in here before and I don't know if guys just forget about it or don't realize how bad it is for Ernie but....I wouldn't count on him truthfully. (and I like Ernie, good guy and SOLID player but he shouldn't be counted on IMO)
  19. xwalker

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    I'll take Ernie Sims with concussion issues over Dan Cover with talent issues all day every day and twice on Sundays.

    Having said that, I would only want Sims for a very reasonable contract.
  20. RS12

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    Hazleton took DC job at Nevada.

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