Looks like Manziel's going to play

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    If he took money for autographs, then he is guilty of breaking NCAA rules. That's really about as simple as it gets.
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    The NCAA just said that he did not take money for autographs, so what could have been simple is a bit murky now.
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    The problem is, as I see it, they have no real evidence that he took money.

    Obviously, this is not the court system. But, I do believe that as a country we should live by the credo of 'you're innocent until proven guilty.' The NCAA doesn't live by this credo.

    I'm not a fan of Manziel (I think he's a spoiled kid whose parents are questionable) and I don't think he's going to be a good pro. But, it just feels to me that this was probably brought on a bit by other SEC schools and big-time boosters to try and get Manziel out so he couldn't play against them.

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    Oh cheese and crackers he gets a half? Such a joke! Especially in the context of what happened to Dez.


    The difference here is Johnny Football comes from affluence so when the NCAA comes around with their jackbooted thugs he has lawyers advising him when they try to back him into a corner. I see a lot of props going out to Manziel for him handling the investigators during his 6hr interview doesn't anybody else think he was prepped extensively for the questions he would face? I feel horrible for those young players in college football that like Dez at the time have little to nothing to defend themselves against the strong arm tactics of the NCAA. What if Dez would have had the means to obtain representation for himself? The NCAA will always get pimp slapped by players who have the benefit of counsel.
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    Not only Dez, but I imagine the folks in Columbus, Ohio, cannot be terribly happy with this slap in the wrist.

    Eh, I don't think it is about that as much as it simply about the networks (CBS & ESPN) putting pressure on the NCAA behind the scenes to let him play. CBS can't wait for A&M-Bama in 2 weeks. That game isn't a terribly big draw with Manziel suspended but now it is one of the games of the year.
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    A half game suspension is bogus. If he broke the rules he obviously deserves a harsher punishment given how previous athletes have been treated. If he didn't break the rules why is he suspended at all? Some dude on ESPN said something like 'well hes suspended because johnny should have known those autographs could be sold'...well doesn't that open the door to potentially suspend any players who have signed autographs for no cash? Just bogus.

    Personally, I think its likely he took the cash, but the NCAA can't prove it. I am sure he has great lawyers as others have noted.
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    I'd agree with that if it wasn't for all the comments about how well he conducted himself during his interrogation by the NCAA that just screams to me that he must have been thoroughly prepped for the questions. I can't help but imagine how much having the right legal team around a student in question in this situation must help. It's a shame that not everyone that is pursued by the NCAA has that luxury.
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    Mike and Mike were discussing it before the ruling and they brought up someone they had on a day or so prior to it. They were pretty convinced that there would be nothing because one of their guests said,

    "If you only accept cash and you're willing to lie, there's nothing they can do".
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    I assume he is going to play the 2nd half against Rice.
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    Johnny needs an attitude change.
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    Played 1qtr.
    3TD passes
    Boneheaded penalty too.
    Sums it up
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    Didn't he do that celebration after a few TDs last year?
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    People are way too hard on this kid. The whole post game was about Johnny getting that penalty. I guess that's the 'in' thing to do.

    It's like the Dodgers with Yasiel Puig, they'll jump on ANY little thing he does.
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    I think he is deserving a criticism for that boneheaded penalty. Coach Sumlin agrees and benched him for it. I also think some of the media guys are too hard on him. Lou Holtz was criticizing him for wearing a visor and a towel around his neck, which Manziel has always done. That is just dumb. Just as dumb as criticizing Romo for wearing a hat backwards. There are legitimate reasons to criticize Manziel and there are just silly reasons as well. I have seen a lot of the silly ones talked about. This penalty wasn't one of them in my opinion.
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    Manziel is quickly rising on my "who I want to see get knocked the hell out" list.

    I hope he has a fantastic year and ends up going to the Jags, Raiders or Jets.
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