Looks Like Our Next Head Coach Knows What He's Doing...

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by CaptainAmerica, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. CaptainAmerica

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    ...Ok, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but "Tuna, Jr." and his team looked pretty darn good in his debut last night. I've been saying this is the guy I want to follow Parcells 3 years from now after we capture #6 and #7. :D

    Seriously, I do believe Weis is going to be a great HC and it will be interesting to see how much his absence affects Brady and the NE offense this year.
  2. NovaCowboy

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    We should have hired Weis 2 years ago instead of Parcells IMO.
  3. Chief

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    He could be Parcells' younger brother. They have the same body, the speech is similar and they look related in the face.

    And didn't they have some sort of falling out a few years ago?

    Yep, they're brothers.
  4. CactusCowboy

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    He is a great coach. I would love to get him! ND spanked Pitt yesterday, the offense had him written all over it....
  5. EveryoneElse

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    I would love for him to replace BP when BP retires. I just hope we can keep BP involved in the front office somehow.
  6. Banned_n_austin

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    What does this have to do with the Cowboys?
  7. CaptainAmerica

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    I'll let you work on figuring that out. :D
  8. LaTunaNostra

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    Yeah, but that was fairly recently patched up.
  9. IndianaCowboyFan

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    You better wait to annoint him the ND savior until ND beats a decent team. Let's see how they do against Michigan, Purdue, USC and Tennessee.
  10. JakeCamp12

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    If we can be lucky enough to get a Charlie Weiss when Tuna retires, this franchise would be set for another decade.
  11. DLK150

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    Weis has said Notre Dame would be his last stop, and I don't know of any reason to doubt him either. I suppose it's possible he could coach again if he falters at ND and is let go, but that remains to be seen.
  12. Galian Beast

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    I was just telling my brother that, Weis probably could have gotten the Offensive Coordinator job this year if he came down here and asked for it. I think there is a definite possibility that he takes over after Parcells. I don't see him leaving Notre Dame so quickly.

    He is a better OC than Sean Payton. And has had a great deal of success. With our defense in place I think he could continue what I think will be winning seasons.

    I'm still holding out for hopes that Jimmy Johnson comes back to us. I think if Nick Saban had continued coaching the Hurricanes instead of going for the Dolphins we would have gone after him too.

    Jones might go after Pete Caroll, but after his lack of success taking over Parcells team in the past... I don't know...

    I think the top college coaches who could be our next coach are:

    Mack Brown - Texas Longhorns coach

    I was thinking that Lloyd Carr might be a possibility, but I don't really know how his relationship is with Henson anymore.
  13. jimmy40

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    No way Mack Brown will be the coach of the Cowboys unless the NFL starts recruiting and quits drafting.

    SALADIN Jumper

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    I'm hoping for Herman Edwards or Bill Cower.
  15. Chief

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    Weis would be great, but I have a feeling he'll be at Notre Dame for a long time.

    An outstanding college coach is Kirk Ferentz at Iowa. He has some NFL experience, too.

    Jeff Tedford at Cal is the other college coach I think would do well in the NFL.

    Pete "Rah, Rah" Carroll is perfect for the college game. He's basically a male cheerleader.

    Mack Brown ... I just don't see him cutting it in the NFL at all.
  16. SuspectCorner

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    as an NCAA headcoach - mack brown is very ordinary on gameday. he's an ace recruiter. that is his strength - ala switzer.

    he's just not NFL calibre.
  17. KevinU

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    Looks Like Our Next Head Coach Knows What He's Doing...

    He only has three superbowl rings to count. If he had four, then he might be something special. LOL Anyways, I left the NFL to bring home a natonal championship to Notre Dame. I hope he does some day. Best of luck, Tuna Jr.
  18. DLK150

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    He does have four. 1 with the Giants, 3 with the Patriots.
  19. burmafrd

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    I cannot believe that anyone would think that Mack Brown, renowned as someone who can out-recruit anyone and outcoach NO ONE, would EVER be considered for a pro job.
    Ferrentz would be my pick- in 2 years.
  20. chicago JK

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    I don't think Weis is going anywhere until he rebuilds ND. This is his dream job. Went to school there and watched ND play from the stands. I am sure he gets offers from the NFL if he has success but I see him staying at ND for at least 10 years if he has success.

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