Looks like Snyder won't be signing any more free agents this offseason...

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by kidcrook, Jun 22, 2007.

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    This is a terrible accident but I bet he gets sued for this one.

    Girl Loses Feet in Amusement Park Ride
    Accident Happened at the Superman Tower of Power at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

    A teenage girl's legs were severed above the ankle while on a thrill ride at a popular amusement park on Thursday, park officials said.

    The accident happened around 4:45 p.m. on the Superman Tower of Power at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, said Six Flags spokeswoman Wendy Goldberg.

    It is unclear at what point during the ride the girl, 13, was injured, Goldberg said. The girl was taken to University Hospital. There was no immediate word on her condition.

    The ride lifts passengers 177 feet straight up, then drops 154 feet, reaching a speed of 54 mph according to the park's Web site.

    The ride has been shut down indefinitely while park officials investigate what caused the accident. The rest of the park remained open.

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    Not sure what that has to do with Shyder unless he owns six flags.

    However, this hits home to me because we were just at Six Flags KY Kingdom Last week and my daughters age 14 & 10 Wanted to ride that ride. They had the ride shut down three different times that day and I told my kids that any time they have that many issues with one ride in that shot of a time it is better off not going on.

    But as we were leaving the park, they just HAD to go on it. Against my better judgement I said ok. Everything was fine and they loved the ride.

    Then when I saw this this morning, my heart sank in my chest. I immediatley thanked God for protecting my kids and prayed for that little girl who was hurt.

    Just goes to show you should always listen to that wee small voice inside when it is trying to tell you something.

    (Note to Brain. You don't want to listen to the voices you hear. :D )
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    Yeah little Danny owns Six Flags.
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    thats why I never go on rides.
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    heck with the deadskins......
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    I was at the six flags near St. Louis (Eureka) all day today and was wondering why Superman was shut down whole day.

    That's tragic for that girl, wish her well.

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