Loopy Leinart...delays decision

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Dayton Cowboy, Jan 13, 2005.

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    also jason allen-cb changes his mind

    January 13
    (4:00 PM): 'Loopy' Leinart puts off decison one more day... Southern California junior QB Matt Leinart will now announce his decision on whether to enter the 2005 draft tomorrow afternoon at 5:30 PM ET. Leinart had been expected to make his decision known some time today, however, according to Leinart "he has no idea" what to do and that he's "just in a loop". Two other USC juniors - MLB Lofa Tatupu and P Tom Malone - are also expected to annouced their intentions at the same time as Leinart tomorrow. If he does opt to enter this April's draft, Leinart, this year's Hesiman Trophy winner who led the Trojans to the national title, is expected to be one of the top 2-3 players selected at this year's draft if not the the #1 pick overall.
    Vols CB Changes mind; opts out of draft... Tennessee junior CB Jason Allen, who earlier this week announced that he would be entering the 2005 draft, has had a change of heart and will return to school instead for his senior season. Underclassmen who formally apply for the draft can withdraw their application up until January 19th if they have not yet signed with an agent.
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    Hope the extra day doesn't cause him to reconsider staying in school.
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    Too anticlimatic. Just announce it. Why make a festival of it all?
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    His parents need to drain his bank account right now....he looks...damn I need $$...easy decision!
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    I think this indecision might hurt his stock. I mean what on earth could he gain by going back to school? Sounds to me like he is someone who does not want to grow up and sit in the big boy chair. Maybe he likes hanging out and the college life style. Maybe he does not have the heart to make it in the pro's.
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    did it hurt Payton Manning's stock? Maybe the kid genuinely likes the college game, or maybe he doesnt want to take any chances on having to be stuck with the SF Niner organization, which is absolutely putrid right now...nothing wrong with that at all


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