Loose Dog Told Where To Go

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by ConcordCowboy, May 4, 2007.

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    Loose Dog Told Where To Go


    Idaho vandals paint message on furry coat of unleashed pooch
    MAY 3--Police are seeking the vandals who spray-painted the words "Go Home" on a Samoan Shepherd who enjoys wandering, unleashed, though its Idaho neighborhood. As seen in the below evidence photos, the dog, named Wiley, had one word painted on each side of his body. According to a Bannock County Sheriff's Department report, Wiley's owner called cops late last month after discovering her dog "had been spray painted with gang graffiti." Actually, it appears that the ambulating animal wasn't tagged by an Idaho Blood or Crip, but rather by some annoyed neighbor or juvenile delinquent. A sheriff's deputy advised Wiley's owner, Marilyn Hardenbrook, to keep the dog in her own yard (and under her control while the pooch was "out and about"). (3 pages)

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    Poor Wiley :(
  3. BrAinPaiNt

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    Yep...someone needs to spray paint the owner with DON'T LET YOUR DOG RUN FREE. Lucky the dog has not been hit by a car.
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    Idiots. Obviously the dog is friendly if they could get close enough to paint him. It's the owner they are angry at. Leave the dog alone.
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    What gets me is when the Police came they couldn't even take a picture of the Dog because it had ran off again.:rolleyes:

    Stupid owner...:shoot3:

    While I'd be pissed if someone did that to my dog at least they didn't hurt him.
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  7. Rack Bauer

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    It PO's me that someone did this, but what PO's me even more is that the stupid owner lets her dog wander the neighborhood. The owner has no business owning a dog.

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