Losing with class

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by muck4doo, Feb 3, 2013.

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    If the defense does illegal stuff and it doesn't get called then there is no play that would work anyways.

    You can't hold on to a receiver like that. It should've been a fresh set of downs. Clear as day.
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    Someone on ESPN suggested that maybe Jim wanted to win too much.

    John was calm, which is not to say he is any less driven than his younger brother, but just realizes the value of not being too uptight.

    So for those that dislike Jim, you might say his disposition was his downfall in the SB and last year when they played the Ravens.
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    The San Francisco Forty Whiners?
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    You noticed the "hook job" as well? I could not believe it wasn't called. The end zone stuff could have been called either way. SF did some pushing off at times. What they should really be upset about was the dismal performance of their DB's. At times, coverages were absolutely blown. Jacoby Jones' TD was unbelievable. Heads-up play on his part, but three guys had a shot at him.
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    It would be easier to feel sorry for other teams fans (the anonymous ones I don't know) if they, in general, didn't delight in the Cowboys failures to such a degree.

    If I personally knew a diehard 49ers fan (I don't) then I would feel sorry for them as a friend.
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    I like Jim Harbaugh, so I'm not going to pile on him, but 'classy' isn't among the adjectives I'd use to describe him.

    I have to say, I'm surprised how much support the 49rs get here on this board from what, I assume, are our younger fans. I'm not sure where the adoration comes from--if it's just the comparison of a good, young team and a firey coach to what we've got going on, or what--but it's weird to see. You'd hope that every good blue-and-silver-blooded Cowboy fan would be marinating today in the Niners falling short and then not handling it particularly well. I know I am. :)
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    Well they were screwed out of a TD in that game as well by a chop block call that was simply awful.
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    It is terrible to lost a superbowl.

    But you know what is far worse. Not getting there.

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    I thought it was a good no call on that last play. The Defender did have Jersey but the Receiver, I thought, initiated contact earlier and was basically stiff arming the DB before the ball ever got there. They were both chicken fighting. I also agree that the ball was going to force the WR to catch it out of bounds. The pressure was the key to that play. It forced a long throw and that, at the end of the day, was the deciding factor IMO.
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    If that was referenced to me, no, I'm 40. And at one point in my fanhood of the cowboys, I hated the 49ers worse than anyone in football. The rivalry has decayed exponentially to what it was, as has the steelers. I just don't look at them with the same disgust as I once did. But was I rooting for the Ravens? Heck yes.
    But this is an era where it's easy to question a players motives in this game we love. Is someone's heart and soul in it for the right reasons, or does this guy just want to do enough to load another mercedes in the garage in his home that was on MTV Cribs. A couple of years ago when the Steelers played the Packers in Cowboys Stadium, it was the disgust bowl for me, because I just can't stand either team. But as the Star Spangled Banner was being performed, it panned through the Steelers sideline, and I don't remember who it was, but it looked like a 300+ pound offensive lineman with tears in his eyes, and you immediately knew what he was playing this game for. It was the same for me seeing Navorro Bowman yesterday after the game was over on the bench. It's got nothing to do with the team they play for. It's the part that you can relate to yourself.
    I see too many times people smiling and laughing after a tough loss. Gronkowski last year after the loss partying it up. That's kinda sickening to me. I wanna see someone so upset they go home and take a hacksaw to their jeep and cut it in half. But I digress.
    Glad the 49ers lost, but I empathize with some of their players and fans.
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    If you wanna see that, watch the interview with Jackie Smith, when asked if he's ever watched the tape of his dropped pass in Super Bowl XIII.
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    I repeat, well, here you go again. Are you kidding me??? You just lost a Super Bowl, and darn you were just not "classy" enough in your loss. Utter nonsense.

    The loss in a Super Bowl bites the big one. I am sure no Raven fan, and wanted to see San Fran win. Just a little revenge so to speak - as a Pats fan. But as I get older, I just appreciate the game of football more than the "pain" of losing.

    So here we sit now with no football to watch. That to me is a real bummer. I will miss football until the preseason starts in August. That is a long way off, considering our alternatives. What we get baseball, golf, basketball, hockey. Just not my cup of tea.

    It was the year for the Ravens. And they play in your face kind of football. Seems to me the kind of team lately that has been winning the Super Bowl. Of course, that all said, all the changes made to make the game safer for the players -- I say, let them play.

    So what does it take to be a winner today. Smash mouth football, and hope you get away with it - in spite of all the rule changes. Yes, some questionable calls - same with our game - but it is what winning the Super Bowl takes today.

    But this "class" nonsense. Please already. I only went to one Super Bowl, in 1986 and we got blown out by Chicago. I really felt lousy about the way we lost, but even worse was being chased and harassed by Bears fans on the way out. Actually made a point to make my day worst than it was. I would NEVER do that - ever to another team - well, maybe with the exception of the Steelers in an AFC Championship game.

    So me, I feel for the 49 fans. It bites the big one, to be so close and losing. But I have a feeling they will be back soon enough with the talent on that team. I suspect that will not be the case for the Ravens.

    Be a sore loser. OK, whatever. Hey, how do you feel?? Darn, just great. I like it, I mean the disappointment and the feeling of just not feeling so great - honesty. And expressing it. I have written before on this issue, I really am quite fine with not being so happy about it - forget class. Class??? Quite frankly, it just bites.

    And no, I am no San Fran fan. But sure feel for them. This may sound nuts, but I was glad we were not in the Super Bowl. We still do not have the talent we need to be there. Too many holes in the secondary. And never for Brady a really good down field receiver, except for a few years with Moss. Darn, that guy was over the top good. Hope Belichick comes through for him in his last years of play. Stuck with "average" receivers most of his time in the league.

    No one player makes a team.
  15. DFWJC

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    That game was most certainly going to be a massive blowout until that huge game delay sucked all the life out that older Raven defense.

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    I don't think you have to like losing but you have to accept the fact that you lost and also that you were beaten. You can find excuses but really, that doesn't help. It's good to understand why you lost and what you need to do to correct those things but that's where it stops for me.

    I've always kinda liked the last scene in Rounders. I won't post it because of the language I'll try to recap it. In that scene, Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) is playing Teddy KGB (John Malkovich) in Teddy's club. KGB is beating Mike McDermott. He sets the hook by losing the first 10K to get McDermott even with his debt and then baits him. McDermott does what he knows he shouldn't and decides to play on. KGB is beating him pretty good, talking trash and finally McDermott figures Teddy out. He finds his tell. It rattles Teddy and McDermott comes back. The last hand is an all in where Teddy is really talking trash, he believes he has McDermott but instead, McDermott has Teddy in an all in situation. When KGB realizes that McDermott has him, he gets all pissed off, starts throwing things and basically blessing out McDermott and how he won. McDermott brings it to a fine point by asking, "Are finished because I can bust you up all night?" The enforcers start walking towards McDermott but Teddy stops them. He comes to the correct conclusions, which is, "He beat me fair and square." He goes on to tell his people to pay the man his money.

    To me, this is kinda how I feel about winning and losing. You don't have to like it. In fact, I probably have no use for you if you are OK with it but you have to acknowledge the fact that you got beat and learn from it. Be a professional about it.

  17. HoustonFrog

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    Sorry, just can't root for 49ers after all those hard fought battles of the old days.

    I would love to have Jim as coach but he isn't exactly a great guy but you don't need to be to win.

    As for the interference. DB grabbed him. WR pushed him in shoulder and helmet. Ball landed past the white sideline...easy no call with that time left.
  18. WPBCowboysFan

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    Its because of the fans of the other teams that gives me so much JOY in seeing their teams lose. Its experiencing what you've described here from other teams fans.

    Yes I hate the teams and everything about them, but my real JOY comes from the misery inflicted on the other teams fans. I dont interact with the players, although I hate most of them with a passion simply because of the uniforms they wear.

    There are a few teams that I absolutely hate and nothing would make me happier than to see those teams never ever win anything again. And its primarily because of the crap you have to deal with from the fans of those teams when they win.

    Those teams are the:
    Forty Whiners
    Patriots (the arrogance of Belicheat & Brady = major factor)

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I can not imagine you putting together any list of teams you hate the most, football or not, and not have the Yankees on the list. I just can't see it.

  20. AbeBeta

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    I thought the refs did an outstanding job in letting the players play.

    They used outstanding judgement in the brawl as well. A Raven did make contact with an official but it was clear he just got after the wrong guy in the heat of the moment -- he would have shoved Ray Lewis if he was standing there. A big brawl with offsetting penalties and likely a warning to the benches about cleaning up the play.

    That was a really well officiated game. Refs didn't get in the way and made only the major calls that could not be ignored.

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