Recommended Loss Forensics: Romo vs. the League's Top QB

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by percyhoward, Jul 3, 2014.

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    I agree with some of this. Wilson comes up big in clutch situations.
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    Check the below link. They've been the 5th worst in football over the past 4 years. Only Oakland, Buffalo, Jacksonville, and Minnesota have been worse. In those 4 seasons Oakland has averaged 6 wins per season, Buffalo has averaged 5.5 wins, Jacksonville 4.75 wins and Minnesota 6 wins.
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    I think Luck is an elite QB, where did I say Romo was elite? I think Romo is a very good QB
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    I got exhausted just scrolling through all that. I certainly didn't read any of it I'm just going to assume based on your posting history it's just more "regular season" stats along with a bunch of passer ratings that place Romo amongst the elite QB's of today and throughout history. I don't need to do forensics or post a lengthy page full of stats to expose why Romo carries the stigma he does. His career (regular season) passer rating is 95.8 which is 5th all-time and his playoff passer rating is only 80.8. During the regular season Romo averages around 278 yards a game compared to just over 208 yards during the playoffs. Since 2011 Romo has 8 int's in one possession games which leads all QB's.
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    I'm a fan of Russell Wilson, but the overall premise of the post makes no sense. It was a 36-31 game when Romo threw his first INT in that game, which was a bad throw no doubt about it. The Seahawks let up more than 31 points only once in 2013, and more than 24 only twice.
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    He also has 19 touchdowns in that situation which leads all QBs as well. The point of all those stats that you were exhausted scrolling through was that you can't just pick one stat to fit one's narrative, especially when there are a dozen that show one's narrative is a load of crap.
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    Still not sold.
    Please provide some data to support your position.
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    On our team Tony's role is that of a passer.

    On Seattle's team Wilson's role is that of a quarterback.
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    At least Wilson can be trusted to throw the ball. He doesn't throw much, but he manages to put the ball in the end zone and get first downs and keeps the ball moving. At least that's what I saw in the Super Bowl. Romo doesn't have the girth, the guts, the heart, the stomach to even get close to that type of game. Sure, he wipes the floor with the trash of the league, and maybe he can win against a great team in October, but when it gets down to the big grown man show, he's a boy amongst men.
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    Which is why Wilson has a ring, and Romo will never sniff one. Romo can't be trusted to come through in the clutch. He doesn't throw two stupid INT's against Denver and Green Bay, we're probably a playoff team.
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    I think the cowboys offense was ranked 2nd to worst in the NFL in converting 3rd downs.

    Most of those failed 3rd downs im guessing were pass plays. That has to reflect on the QB in some way. So how can Romo have such good passing rating when his offense was 2nd worst in converting 3rd downs ?

    I dont have an answer for this but we could speculate on possible theories.

    Looking into this may also give an understanding as to why there are such widely varied oppinions on the quality of his play.

    For Romo to have such good stats and passer rating but be poor at converting 3rd downs logic would dictate he is completing a lot of passes on first and second down.

    If that is true then why is he better at passing on those downs ? I dont have an answer for that.

    As a fan I have watched games and by the end of the game I have felt very frustrated with the cowboys offense that often seems to get going in spurts with big plays but sputters out before getting into the red zone by failing to convert a key 3rd down.

    Then when i see the stat lines the next day I think - Oh, those are decent numbers. Romo had a good performace when looking at overall numbers..... but the team just didnt get it done.

    And the defense was bad last year, but the offense had so many drives that stalled out with a 3 and out just before they could get close to scoring. So i cant say the offense played great last year. They play in spurts, they have some great playmakers and they make a lot of big plays that wow you but then they go 3 and out on the same drive. They aren't able to maintain drives for some reason.

    This is exactly what will lead to big stat numbers for individual players but no wins.

    For example... witten could have a 12 catch 100 yard game and catch 2 passes on 6 seperate drives but every one of those drives could end in a punt.... so zero points for all that production from your all pro TE. And the same could be said for Romo and the other skill players. They all make plays and end up with decent stats but they waste so many opportunities.

    This has been the picture of the cowboys offense for several years. They get moving with some great plays, then there is a sack or a dropped pass or someone holds and they cant overcome the loss of those 10 yards ending up in 3rd and long that they dont convert = punt.

    They look like a group of talented skill players that cant play together on the same page.
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    Yes he does not have to throw it much team focus on the seahawks running attack they come up to the line to stop Lynch so yes when Wilson bootlegs or playactions off of Lynch he is finding some favorable coverages. As for close games games within 7 points in the 4th qrt Wilson threw 5 int vs 4 TD passes. but again you have a top notch defense who can bail you out that is a pretty big thing to have. I like Wilson but what the Seahawks ask of him and what the Cowboys are asking from Romo is very different. Again you compare 2 guys in totally different situations. HOw big of a factors is it when you defense in post season give up 15 points, 17 points and 8 points in the fricken SB? You guys are fricken laugable you really have no clue as you compare Wilson situation in Seattle vs Romo situation in Dallas. Get a clue
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    20th or worse SIX different times during the Romo era, and only four times in franchise history before that.
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    All these stats are awesome, thank you. However, this does not change anything because we all , Romo haters and lovers alike, know that the following statements are true:

    1. Romo is really friggin good
    2. Romo sometimes makes stupid decisions late in games
    3. The defense blows
    4. Our running game seems to disappear from JG's mind when it's needed
    5. The team, as a whole, does not close out games very well

    We all know these things yet we continue to argue if Romo has what it takes. There is no easy answer because there isn't one. Lets stop trying to define Romo as elite or mediocre or capable of winning a SB because he is what he is, a very good yet flawed QB on an unstable team.
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    The point of all those stats are simply to continue glorifying Romo during the "regular season" compared to the elite QB's of today and from years ago. All these "regular season" stats percy continues to post that places Romo amongst the elite QB's during the "regular season" doesn't change the fact that he's not the same QB in elimination/playoff games. It's the contrast between his regular season numbers and his elimination/playoff game numbers that have helped create the stigma he has.

    It's been a tale of two Romo's in the regular season and postseason. Not once can I recall percy ever comparing Romo's regular season numbers/wins with his elimination/playoff game numbers/wins because it doesn't fit with his agenda. It's not about stats it's about winning which is why Troy Aikman was considered the best QB of the 90's despite several QB's having better career numbers.
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    yeah system QB describes guys accurately.
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    All of that is true. But the thing that alot of people ignore or dont even mention is in 2007 Dallas was ranked 3 on offense and 9 on defense. And when it mattered Romo laid a egg. Giants had 253 total yrds on offense in the game. Scored 21 points. Dallas had 154 yrds rushing. Romo had 201 yrds passing and 1 td and 1 int.

    Romo is a good QB nobody can dispute that. But he just seems like a QB who cant win a big game. People point to 2012-2013 as the bases for Romos career, ignoring the fact that Romo has had complete teams in his career.
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    Awesome job, Percy.

    It's threads like these that really cast a spotlight on the clueless posters in the Zone. It's amusing thatin the face of clear and convincing evidence that Romo is the least of our problems, some will still manage to blame him for our losses.

    Head in the sand.
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    Where are elimination/playoff game statistics readily available for a comparison?
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    The system works. I do like Wilson he is a quality player he does not try to do more than need be and he makes plays when he has to. With the defense in Seattle the offense is not under constant pressure to score so you tend to take less risk.

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