Lost Lunar Landing Video

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    Australian Geographic to screen lost Moon footage

    Completely restored footage of the 1969 Moon landing, some of which was found in Australia, will be screened next week.

    PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN FOOTAGE OF of the historic Apollo 11 moonwalk will be shown exclusively at the 2010 Australian Geographic Society Awards in Sydney on 6 October, where former astronaut Buzz Aldrin will be the guest of honour.

    The new footage, which includes a clearer picture of Neil Armstrong's descent down the stairs of the lunar module, was taken from the Parkes Radio Observatory and the Honeysuckle Creek tracking station outside Canberra on 21 July 1969 (Australian time).

    The long-forgotten video recording was uncovered during a decade-long search for the original video recordings of the moonwalk, and involved lengthy detective work and clandestine meetings, says astronomer and telescope operator John Sarkissian from the CSIRO at Parkes, who headed up the search.

    "We found lots of videos and things all over the place and we compiled them into a single seamless video of the whole moonwalk", John told Australian Geographic. This was then restored to clean up the degradation of the videos experienced over the past 40 years, he adds. The three-hour video has only been seen by a few veteran astronauts, including Buzz Aldrin.

    VIDEO: A 2009 clip from NASA shows part of the digitally remastered footage of Buzz. The new footage - to be released next week - features unseen footage of Neil Armstrong descending the stairs of the Lunar Module.

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    That is like SOOOOO faked.
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    You beat me too it. :p:

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