lots of DT left: which one?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by HoosierCowboy, Apr 26, 2013.

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    While I understand what you are saying.

    TF is a road grader with slow feet -- according to your notes . Nothing like a Callahan ZBS player -- and yet was the first player taken by Dallas yesterday.

    Nothing would surprise me, and IMO, I think he would be great.

    With that said, I do not think Dallas will take him, but I do think he will anchor a defensive line for years.
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    Strong buzz on Logan
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    I'm not opposed to DT, but I don't think there was a single one outside of Richardson from Missouri who stood a good chance of starting for us this year. A DT will be fighting for time in a rotation.

    We have 3-4 NTs and DEs in Ratliff, Hatcher, and Lissemore who have had some success and who are going to be very excited to do more than just occupy blockers and double-teams. And we picked up another former 2nd round DT for the mix. Ratliff and Lissemore have put in some time at NT, so clearly they can also play the 1-tech DT if called upon, but Ratliff and Hatcher just may do some big things at the 3-tech.

    We will draft a DT and a S, but I don't think anyone at those positions are certain to make a huge impact on our team this year.

    Get a RT at #47? That guy just may be a starter.

    DT? I'd go with Hankins from Ohio St.
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    I actually think at this point that DE/edge rusher is more important. I'm not so sure any DT from here on out will be starting over Hatcher/Ratliff plus we have Lissemore and Crawford for depth. We don't have anyone behind Ware/Spencer unless you count Crawford playing some DE. But the way Ware tends to wear down or get nicked up throughout the year, we need someone who can really give him some rest on all downs, not just passing downs like Victor Butler.

    Go the Giants' route, have three good pass rushers.
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    Just watched kawann short's highlight vs Wisconsin and looks like our 31st pick was beating his A** all day long.
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    Well that actually sounds like good news :)

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