Lots of Point and Click only Admins are in trouble!

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Sam I Am, Jan 13, 2012.

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    Lots of so called "Windows Server admins" are about to get exposed for being nothing more than Point and Clickers. :laugh2:

    If you're a Windows Server admin and can't do anything without point and click, you had better start taking courses now!


    From Slashdot:

    We knew Windows Server 8 was going to be a departure for Microsoft, including an 'optional' GUI, but in a blog post made earlier this week, the Windows Server team said that working without the GUI will be the 'recommended' method, and is telling developers not to assume a GUI will be present. According to Windows consultant and author Don Jones, this is a big hint to Windows admins that they better get used to not having a GUI in future releases. From the article: 'I'm well aware that many Windows admins out there aren't looking forward to a GUI-less server operating system from Microsoft. ... I'm sure Microsoft has, too.They're proceeding anyway. We have two choices: adapt or die.​
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    this a reversal back to more powershell?
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    many many years ago there was microsoft trying to get people to use what they called GEOS (Graphic enviorment Operating System) and came out with it for the commodore 64 an 8 bit system... since than it has been called Windows.... and now microsoft windows server is without graphics which makes me wonder if it can be called windows as windows to me means graphics...wouldn't a name like Microsoft Power Server be a more apt name.
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    haha this is awesome. lots of window admins will be in a panic trying to figure out how to manage their server!

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