Lots of speculation RG3 has a torn ACL

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Zordon, Jan 7, 2013.

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    I'm no doctor or team executive, but I'm pretty certain that he will NOT be playing in the Pro Bowl.
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    Who cares...do you think a skins forum is all worried about Dez's back or Sean Lee's toe or any other injury the cowboys had? I doubt it
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    If you don't care then why are you reading this thread ;)
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    I have been flaming mad at shanny for not pulling Rg3 out yesterday, if you didnt see the game it was obvious he was hurt after the second TD. Rg3 told Shanny at half time he was ok and could still play. Shanny should have known that Rg3 isnt going to take himself out. The start of third quarter all the signs where there Rg3 was not even at 50% Mike should have pulled him out then. Very bad move on Shanny and RG3 both for not doing the right thing. Its one thing to be a warrior but another just to be ignorant. The bad snap in fourth quarter sealed Rg3's knee, it bent sideways. From a skins fan stand point all you can do is hope Rg3 can recover and Mike will never let him play again hurt like that. Rg3 needs to learn to know when enough is enough as far as injurys goes. Guess more evaluations will come tomorrow ...fingers crossed its not as bad as it seems. On another note Im very suspicious that Mike and Rg3 both knew that knee was more than a sprain ...was it really worth it to risk ending a career like that Damn!!
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    I know.
    We play that final game without 5 of our very best run defenders, and all I ever hear is "no excuses".
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    Taken from another board

    First post -

    "Redskins QB Robert Griffin III has torn his ACL and PCL according to sources of WRIC-ABC in Richmond. WRIC also reports that he will not be able to play for a minimum of 14-18 months."

    Subsequent post - opinion of poster

    Okay, I asked around my "sources". WRIC did indeed report that, but, they quickly recanted and subsequently deleted the story.

    Here's what is known as fact. RG3 is going to Atlanta to be evaluated by Dr James Andrews. Dan Snyder is going along with him. The "official" report is the MRI today was "inconclusive" due to RG3s previous ACL tear on the same knee while at Baylor.

    Now, that could mean one or two things. One, it could mean just what it says and the tests were inconclusive.
    Or, Two, the MRI done today did indicate a probable tear in the ACL and PCL, but, they want a second opinion.


    I know nothing of this, nor have i seen the original story. However, found this interesting.

    As I said on that board, I am not for any player getting hurt, ours or theirs.


    If this is the Football Gods taking revenge on Shanahan for teaching the chop block to his players over the years, well it's a shame for RG III but Shanny deserves it.

    If this is an inappropriate thread since it is speculation please do what you will with this.
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    i seen the story then they took it off real fast. who knows which way to think lol
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    Sorry, didn't see it.
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    found this somewhere....hopefully it uploads

    crap it wont upload....

    it was RGIII......spelled using a wheel chair for the G.....:D
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    Pretty sure it wouldn't take that long to recover (if he really did tear is ACL and PCL).
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    Shanahan might be in big trouble for this.
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    What makes RGIII so great is what he can do with his legs, if you take those away from him you have an average pocket passer.

    My grandfather coached his whole life and is a real old school dude but understands the position is changing. He said he'd rather have Cam Newton than RGIII because one of them is going to not miss any games and the other is going to spend the majority of his career on the injury list. I said why is that? He said 'Because one is built like a football player, the other is built like a track star. Give me the football player all day.'

    This was before the draft last year, old man obviously still has it.
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    Reports here in DC are that he PARTIALLY tore his LCL & ACL.
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    whoa, looking at how his knee just gave out, I thought it was going to be a full tear of something. Partial ACL tears, Im reading on the internetz, take about 6 weeks to heal.

    RGIII got very fortunate.
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    That really doesn't mean much. Partial could be really minor or as bad as a complete tear from the surgery standpoint
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    DR. andrews will go in and scope the knee tomorrow thats why Rg3 is flying down. Think thats the only way to be sure how much damage is done or not done.
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    .......is flying down with him. Jeez the DRAMA. Wonder if bob will wear that cute yellow hair band he wore in his post game presser yesterday? :lmao2:
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