Lots of speculation RG3 has a torn ACL

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Zordon, Jan 7, 2013.

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    Ouch. Hopefully you have had a full recovery!

    And I am a Redskins fan, of course I am going to take an optimistic view :)

    Truth is, we have no idea how he'll perform or if he will have the explosive ability he showed this year again. I am hopeful he is back to 100 percent sooner then later, but again, I have never had surgery nor performed one
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    Good info, KMD! My questions is, does the bone attach to the graft that is pulled through the hole and if the graft gets torn again can it heal itself?
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    I was fortunate in a way. I tore the meniscus and the ACL at the same time. I had a scope to clean up the meniscus and clean out the knee. Shortly after that I started rehab/prep for the ACL replacement which took place 8 months later. I used hydraulics and electronic shock treatments to strengthen the knee. Surgery went well and I was back to normal...... until I started playing softball and flag football. Now I have bone to bone and it's not fun. Supartz injections are keeping me from getting total knee replacement.
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    i agree that i was surprised by what he said, but this is in fact what he said

    maybe he meant to say 2/3 dont come back @ 100%, i dont know
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    Or, you're being hopeful that he doesn't recover.

    Basing your hopes on doctor's minority opinion isn't exactly logical.
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    Yes, the graft will eventually attach to the bone and new tissue will grow. My medical experience is as a researcher, I'm not a ortho surgeon or any kind of orthopedic doctor, so I don't know all the details. IIRC that's the reason for the tunnel. The bones will attach to the tendon in a couple of ways (Sharpey's fibers and fibrocartilage formation, I think). In general, the blood flow to ACL's is pretty low, which is why they will often graft even when it's only a partial tear. I don't know how or if the blood flow changes for grafts.

    But yeah, we're pretty far out of my meager depth at this point.
  7. Eric_Boyer

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    I’m not surprised at all.

    As I said, the majority of players are bubble players. Any adversity puts them outside the bubble looking in.

    I guarantee, The percentage of 1st round picks that don’t return is closer to 0% then 67%

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